XCO racer @originraceteam

2022-06-12 15:47:06

It is done!! Brutal event, apart from the bike that was super πŸ˜„, spent the first hour being waterboarded and fighting for personal space on the water πŸ˜…, left the water with 0 balance, feeling completely drunk, I assume something with water in my ear canal ruined my balance? I sat for 10 minutes before hitting the bike leg. Everything went awesome for this part, had one flat which I quickly blew up with gas canister but really enjoyed it all, pushed pretty hard and gained a ton of time back, couldve kept riding after!. Run really didn’t go as planned, old knee injury surfaces instantly as I left transition 2, extremely painful strain in the knee which I thought had healed, but still manage to hobble around for 13.1 miles and manage the pain. Total finish time was 6hr 14minutes which I’ll take any day! Super happy overall but very challenging event. Can’t fault their organisation, all ran very smooth. Unfortunately extremely saddened to hear there were fatalities during the event in water & bike legs, people left excited and ready for the challenge this morning and very sad that some won’t be returning to their loved ones πŸ˜’πŸ™πŸ»

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2022-06-03 19:25:35

Not a bad view at all from the cottage 🀩 gorgeous evening!

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2022-05-28 12:03:10

Practice all done, next up Round 4 of UK nationals at Cannock Chase 😎 course is running great! Super dry plenty of roots and loose dirt to catch you out πŸ˜‹ 14:30 start! originraceteam

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2022-05-24 16:38:38

Out exploring with the gorgeous #doberman Hela, perfect weather 🀩 showing off her new collar from thehandmadedogcollarcompany top quality! #thehandmadedogcollarcompany #dobermanpinscher #dogsofinstagram #doglife #sun #countryside #walkies

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2022-05-12 20:02:17

Late race update due to busy week, but last weekend was super fun! Road tripping up to Fife & camping for round 3 of the British Cycling National Cross Country Series xc_nps_uk , always great events although this round wasn’t technical at all it made for very fast racing! Slightly disappointing 20th place finish due to fitness lacking with life getting in the way, but still sitting happily 14th overall sport national rankings which I’ll take any day πŸ˜‹ thanks to originraceteam vanellicustomsportswear msctiresuk esigrips sportstest ! 🏁

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2022-04-17 19:07:22

Pretty disappointing race weekend this round, course and weather were great and really looked forward to it after practice. I got a great start off the line but then got knocked off the bike early on, not too much of an issue but lost time, however once I started chasing my stomach flipped and spent the rest of the race trying not to be sick, not sure what come over me but I couldn’t push on at all, the thought of just some points kept me going to try and finish the race so went into cruise mode to get around and just tried to enjoy the course, came in 21st place so still ok but very disappointing physically. 3 weeks until round 3 so really need to try and make some changes and certainly focus on some training and fueling to sort issues out!. Onwards and upwards I guess πŸ˜‹πŸ #originraceteam #esigrips #vanellicustomsportswear #msctyres #msctiresuk #xc_nps_uk #xcmtb #mtbuk #mtb #mtblife #noshortcuts #raceday #ktm #ktmmyroon #torqfuelled

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2022-04-16 12:20:04

Ready to go at round 2 [739324342838427:British Cycling National Cross Country Series] ! Course practice done, lunch ate, now chill and wait for start time 🏁🀩 [104398518663142:Origin Race Team]

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2022-04-15 15:55:55

Only just cooled down from round 1 of the xc_nps_uk and this weekend is round 2 already 🏁!!! Traveling to Newcastleton, Scotland tomorrow ready to line up again to fight for points πŸ‘ŠπŸ». Lining up on row two this time due to a disappointing performance last weekend but hoping for an improvement this time around. Looking forward to a dryer cleaner race πŸ˜† originraceteam esigrips msctiresuk vanellicustomsportswear sportstest #ktm #xc #xcmtb #noshortcuts #webleedorange #mtb #mtbxcountry

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2022-04-15 15:05:02

Last week at the UK National cross country series - Round 1, calm before the storm πŸ”₯ starting front and centre for originraceteam #originraceteam #esigrips #msctyres #sportstest #vanellicustomsportswear

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2022-03-14 15:50:10

Enjoying the sunshine with this beaut 🀩 #doberman #dobermanpinscher #dobermanpride #dobermanlove #dobermaninstagram #dogsofinstagram #dog #doglife #sun #walking #love #chatterleywhitfield

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2022-03-13 21:46:03

Epic ride around Cannock chase today with the speedy _billy.reed , 39mi of gravel fun to break up all the XC πŸ‘ŠπŸ» great views and great company. #cannockchase #cannockchasemtb #cannockchasetrails #cannockchaseforest #ktm #ktmofficial #ktmcanic #gravelbike #gravelride #cyclocrossbike #webleedorange #wtb #sram #dtswiss #explore #adventure

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2022-03-05 19:41:40

New bright fresh grips in originraceteam colours thanks to our sponsors at esigrips ! Super light and comfortable just in time for race season. Heading to sherwood_pines_ tomorrow for round 1 of the crankitcycling series, can’t wait for wheel to wheel racing again 🀩. #noshortcuts #xco #mtb #ktm #webleedorange #msctyres #xtr #esigrips

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