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2021-11-03 21:25:39

Congratulations to the Guyers on their beautiful new baby! She’s perfect.

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2021-10-31 00:45:36

If that ain’t pure love, I don’t know what is.

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2021-10-25 15:42:42

Commissioned work for a local restaurant to showcase the West Park neighborhood of Cleveland in a unique way. Not my usual style but it’s been a fun project to get me outside my comfort zone and bring back a little more of the creative fun side of photography. Full project and details will be announced soon.

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2021-10-06 01:34:48

Kelsey, Jason & Baby Bump Guyer.

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2021-10-03 14:35:35

refugeeresponse Reap the Benefit 2021. Incredible night supporting an incredible organization. The Refugee Response: how do I even begin to state all they do in the greater Cleveland area? RR helps to resettle refugees from around the world in Cleveland and offer a plethora of resources to ensure the transition is as comfortable and successful as possible. They are currently working tirelessly to help resettle hundreds of Afghans with the crisis happening in the country. They offer youth mentoring, teen response and trauma support, job placement, and even incredible work opportunity on ohiocityfarm. If you have a couple dollars to spare, please consider a donation!

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2021-09-29 12:31:33

xanderschauffele or wadeoninsta w/ the longdrink pick me up on the course? . . . #golf #longdrink #golflife #pga #golfing

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2021-09-26 12:22:34

Such an honor and a ton of fun to photograph some great friends of mine, brookeashley1129 & jonnie_lapin on their special day. So much class and so much love. You guys can DANCE.

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2021-09-09 12:30:03

This past weekend was the Cleveland Air Show. Always been one of my favorite weekends of the year. I used to bring my camera everywhere and see the world from behind the lens. Been trying to experience it more first hand. No photos of the thunderbirds this year. Taking it back to 2014 when I was first getting into photography (blue angels are better, anyway...).

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2021-09-06 14:39:01

Picture perfect day for an awesome couple! Thanks for allowing me the opportunity, Kelsey & Mike!

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2021-08-30 00:29:15

We got invited to kelleys island with my sister and her boyfriend, Mark this weekend. Little did we know mark was planning to propose. Just so happened to have left my camera in the car and was able to get a couple photos on the island for them. So happy for you guys. The future is bright.

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2021-07-23 21:04:33


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2021-07-09 00:22:46


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