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2022-01-18 04:14:03

Just a few fun snaps of Molly & James wedding. Her party dress is giving me LIFE right now! 🔥 shot by Caroline ✨

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2022-01-16 15:44:20

To Sundays…

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2022-01-14 16:35:06

Melinda & Kevin at the one and only spillianrevels shot by Danny ✨ #spillianwedding

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2022-01-11 04:09:12

A few weeks ago in Savannah ❤️ shot by Chellise & Mike

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2022-01-08 18:52:07

This Santa Fe party was a banger!! All props for this epic dance party go to DJ Vicki Vibes, who is now on our very short list of NYC DJs that we recommend. Vicki is not for everyone. She doesn’t play the typical wedding songs (nope, not for you, not for anyone✋🏼) and trust me it’s better this way. The girl raised the roof, brought the house down, made em all scream for more and had everyone of every age on the floor non stop. I’ve never heard an entire dance floor full of people chant the DJs name for an encore in my 10 years of shooting weddings. So there.. secrets out… drop the mic for Miss _vickivibe ✨ #ghostranchwedding

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2022-01-08 14:45:42

I’m so happy that disco balls are prominent at weddings lately… keep em spinning please! Shot by Chellise ✨ #501unionwedding

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2022-01-06 02:06:06

The cutest people there ever was! Sean & Elizabeth photographed by Emily in Emily’s favorite NYC neighborhood. ✨

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2022-01-05 01:06:32

Now that the can of whoop-ass wedding season is over I can finally dive into all of the yummy portrait sessions we have collectively shot the past year and get a glimpse inside the cozy homes of the couples whose weddings we’ll be shooting in 2022/2023. Almost all of our “engagement shoots” are done at home, where the heart is, where the comfort is… and where the bar cart is.. Pictured here: Andrea & Matt - getting married at huttonbrickyards in June ✨ shot by Mike

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2022-01-04 00:26:40

Home, at last. ✨ shot by Mike

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2022-01-03 16:20:18

Em loves Harry ❤️ shot on 35mm film by Mike in Vegas a few months back.

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2022-01-01 23:06:20

Happy New Year! ✨ shot by Mike on some 35mm film

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2021-12-30 15:43:05

K&M on 35mm film. ✨ shot by Mike

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