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@chuckpalahniuk Official Instagram of Chuck Palahniuk. FIGHT CLUB 3 now out! New writing memoir CONSIDER THIS also available.

2020-05-14 19:18:17

We’ve partnered with my favorite charity, @ThePixieProject. By purchasing this T-shirt, you’re helping animals impacted by #COVID19. . . . #coronavirus #fuckcovid19 Photo credit: @allanamato

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2020-05-04 17:18:45

You asked for it, so here it is. The original “Disappointed” T-shirt is now available for sale on my Threadless shop. Get it here >> (Link in bio, too!) Photo credit: @allanamato

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2020-04-29 21:09:23

I’m live on my Facebook Page right now answering your questions! #FightClub3

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2020-04-22 21:58:44

Alright, my fellow quarantined, here’s your next writing prompt!

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2020-04-22 20:00:24

Order an autographed copy of FIGHT CLUB 3 today, and don’t miss my livestream on April 29th on my Facebook page. More details to come. Link to order in my Bio. #FightClub3 cc: @DarkHorseComics

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2020-04-16 19:06:24

Today’s writing prompt is about comfort stories and their importance. #writingprompts

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2020-04-14 17:33:57

FIGHT CLUB 3 is now out! Get it online today. Direct link in profile.

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2020-04-13 15:33:53

New site... This one’s mobile-friendly! (Link in bio, but you should know this already.)

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2020-03-31 21:42:33

Feeling locked up? Limited settings increase tension - fast. Check out stories where confined characters meet the challenge. Write that.

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2020-03-31 18:49:51

2020 is YOUR Novel Writing Year! Tom S always coached us to write about an issue we couldn't fix or tolerate. Explore it through a metaphor. Then to exhaust our fears by exaggerating the problem. Make it a craft exercise. Master it. Beat it. Stay tuned. Regular prompts to follow.

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2020-03-07 20:02:21

My friend @allanamato, the man responsible for some of my favorite portraits, has launched a Kickstarter for his new graphic novel. This thing sounds a awesome, so I hope you’ll show some support! (Kickstarter link in Bio)

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2020-03-02 18:59:22

New tour coming for FIGHT CLUB 3! These are day-long signings w/ prizes & raffles! In the evening, at the end of some signings we might stage a reading and Q&A, but only after all books are signed! Ticket info coming soon. For now, mark your calendars. @DarkHorseComics #FightClub3

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