Chuck Palahniuk

@chuckpalahniuk Official Instagram of Chuck Palahniuk, writer of some books. FIGHT CLUB 3 available now! Preorder CONSIDER THIS, a new book on writing, is out 1/7/20!

2019-10-22 21:39:47

I finally broke down and wrote a book about writing. Part memoir / part writing advice. Preorder it today! (Link in bio)

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2019-10-02 18:17:18

INVISIBLE MONSTERS is coming to TV! Link in bio. #InvisibleMonsters

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2019-07-15 22:29:10

Good news! You can now pre-order FIGHT CLUB 3 (the entire collection!) in hardcover here >> #FightClub3 (direct link in bio)

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2019-07-02 18:07:13

Reminder: My latest novel, ADJUSTMENT DAY, is now in paperback. Get it online here>> 2w0F (Link also in bio!)

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2019-06-11 17:31:23

My website’s T-shirts are now being offered with free shipping. Check out all the designs >> (Hyperlink in bio). #FightClub #tshirt #tshirtdesign #tshirts

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2019-06-05 20:17:02

Hey Germany, I’m heading your way! June 25th at The Modern School of Film. I’m talking all thing FIGHT CLUB. Ticket link in bio.

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2019-05-11 19:24:42

Rejoice! My newest novel, ADJUSTMENT DAY, is now available in paperback. (link in bio, too!)

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2019-03-25 16:14:50

Check out an EXCLUSIVE PREVIEW of @darkhorsecomics' 'Fight Club 3' issue 3, out March 27! (link in bio)

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2019-02-24 15:51:42

Huge thanks to all the readers who came out yesterday to @gapplecomics to see me and @davidmackkabuki. Keep an eye on my Instagram story feed for photos from the event. And oh, FIGHT CLUB 3 issue 1 is available online now >> (link also in bio!) #FightClub3

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2019-02-21 21:42:46

It’s my birthday today! But instead of getting gifts, I think I’ll give you all one instead. Click the link in my bio to read my latest short story, REPERCUSSIONS, published recently in the 65th anniversary issue of Playboy!

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2019-02-15 19:19:34

Exclusive: @davidmackkabuki + @duncan_fegredo cover for ‘Fight Club 3’ #5, coming in May from @DarkHorseComics. Link in bio!

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2019-02-08 21:18:25

FIGHT CLUB 3 is available now. Link to buy in bio! #FightClub #TylerDurden

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