2021-12-21 19:02:27

In celebration of the greatest 3-point shooter in the UNIVERSE, we are dropping 2,974 pairs of stephencurry30’s record breaking 👟 in the metaverse.

30989     368
2021-12-17 22:04:08

How do you celebrate the guy who forever changed the game of basketball? You find other games to change…learn more through the link in bio…

17864     79
2021-12-15 00:40:56

2,974 and counting…Congratulations to Stephencurry30 on becoming the greatest 3-point shooter EVER. To commemorate this milestone and in our ongoing effort to Change the Game for GOOD, we are building 3 new courts in Oakland, Charlotte, and New York City.

76022     1580
2021-12-09 03:29:25

1️⃣5️⃣ away…You can have all the natural ability in the world but you don’t get to 2,974 without good coaching. As stephencurry30 moves closer to breaking the NBA all-time 3-point record, we are providing 15 coach training workshops through our partnership with positivecoachus.

24031     242
2021-12-04 04:03:57

3️⃣0️⃣ away for #30….In celebration of StephenCurry30’s 2,944th career made 3-pointer 💦, we are supporting 30 basketball programs across each NBA city through our partnership with goodsportsinc, a national nonprofit that drives equitable access in youth sports.

27424     257
2021-11-27 05:06:57

2,929 down, 45 to go… As Stephencurry30 moves closer to the all-time 3 point record, the mission remains the same: Change the Game for GOOD. To mark this moment we have partnered with everykidsports to cover basketball registration fees for 45 kids.

34165     356
2021-11-19 15:04:25

More looks 👀 = More 3s 💦. Change the Game in the shoe built for the greatest shooter of all-time. The #Curry9 “Count It” and “Play Big” are available now through the link in bio.

25246     173
2021-11-18 20:06:53

Stephencurry30 is GOOD on any Street. Stop faster, move lighter, and Play Big in the #Curry9 - dropping 11.19.21

28142     178
2021-11-17 20:00:56

Easy as 1️⃣…2️⃣…3️⃣. Make every shot count in the #Curry9 - dropping 11.19.21

20360     140
2021-11-15 20:15:15

Sunny day ☀️, GOODs on the way…The #Curry9 “Count It” and “Play Big” drop 11.19.21

24923     162
2021-11-10 17:01:08

What can stephencurry30 do with an extra split second? To find out we went back in the lab 🧪 with the shoes that changed the game and made them even better 🤯. The #Curry9 launches 11.19

19341     401
2021-11-05 19:10:51

From the streets to the hardwood. We’re teaming up with sesamestreet to bring the GOODs to your neighborhood. Drop your favorite character in the comments below 👇

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