David Whittaker Husband, cyclist, gardener, pet owner, scientist.

2021-10-19 17:15:28

Raintervals. Well it is 'cross training after all 🌧💩😅 originraceteam

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2021-08-19 16:39:19

Yay! Everyone loves MTB intervals. Don't they? 🤔 originraceteam #crossiscoming

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2021-08-03 16:22:07

Ride bike. Break bike. Carry bike. Buy tools. Fix bike. Ride bike. All in a day's work 😅 originraceteam vanellicustomsportswear

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2021-07-19 18:06:31

Soooo sweaty and ploddy. Make that very ploddy. But owt is better than nowt. originraceteam vanellicustomsportswear esigrips msctiresuk terra_venture active_root sportstest

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2020-06-29 12:47:13

24 hour relaying with ktmukraceteam. The racing may have been unofficial, but the result's just the same. Miles ridden, smiles smiled, sleep not had, night ride survived 👀, everything used, everything filthy, good memories made, (more interesting photos from others maybe? 😂) ktmbikesuk fli_distribution vanellicycling msctires_uk terra_venture esigrips nakedbikesuk squirtcyclingproducts.at

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2020-03-21 12:54:00

Maiden voyage ☀️😁 fli_distribution ktmbikesuk ktmukraceteam

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2020-03-14 12:19:18

Out in the sunshine in my short sleeve #evoline jersey 🥳☀️ (over a base layer and winter tights and under my #aqualine long sleeve jersey. Minor details...) vanellicycling ktmukraceteam

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2020-02-08 18:06:30

Out on the ktmbikeindustries Canic CXC and sharpening body and mind with some fast laps of the Monster Cross course. All ready to do battle next weekend alongside steve_b77 ktmukraceteam fli_distribution nakedbikesuk vanellicycling squirtcyclingproducts.at

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2020-01-19 15:54:26

Giving some of the new team kit a run-in, before 2020 goes and gets all serious like. ktmukraceteam vanellicycling msctires_uk esigrips

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2019-12-01 14:45:29

A great way to spend a sunny winter's day ❄️☀️ ktmbikesuk fli_distribution nakedbikesuk vanellicycling squirtcyclingproducts_uk

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