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2022-05-23 21:18:55

And that’s a wrap! Back in the USA and traveling back home with our leftover inventory after VanCAF. Thanks everyone who came out to see our table. It’ll probably take me a few days to catch up on work after I get home, so if you’re waiting for a reply on anything I’d like to preemptively offer my apologies, and also my thanks for your patience! We introduced a lot of people to our books and sold some super rare out of print stuff, plus I even got to work with zhuchka (one of our editors and translators) in person for the first time! And I got to see a bunch of other online arts people in person, some for the first time, so I think it was all around a great festival and I’m grateful for the opportunity to exhibit even in spite of some of the surprise roadblocks that popped up along the way.

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2022-05-22 17:29:45

Picture says it all! Last day of VanCAF! We have prints and awesome books - come stop by and get them while we are here~

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2022-05-21 19:38:50

Our actual table is set up!! Note: Glaeolia 2 is SOLD OUT now. Also, toshoneko ‘s comics (we found a couple copies!) are nearly gone!!

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2022-05-21 18:53:34

We are at #vancaf!! Table B6 in the exhibition hall, come get some awesome books and prints~

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2022-05-18 22:16:49

Hallo~ We will be at Table B6 in the VanCAF Exhibition Hall this weekend! Please stop by — emuh & zhuchka will be running the table. I should have about 10-30 copies of the books in the second picture available for purchase, *maybe* a few others also 🫢, and hoping to sell out on everything! 🧊 Please remember to bring - and wear - an *N95 mask for the event as a covid precaution. We are also bringing some art prints and postcards (pictures 3,4,5, and 6) so please stop by to say hello and pick up some awesome new pieces! ✨ #glacierbaybooks #vancaf #indiecomics #manga #art

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2022-05-17 20:46:18

We will be debuting these two sublime new prints from ayumu_arisaka at #vancaf in Vancouver this weekend! We’ll also have copies of several of our comics at our table, which will be run by emuh and zhuchka. Stop by and pick up a book (and a print!) and say hi~ Masks are strongly recommended for this event due to the surge in covid, so please mask up. #indiecomics #manga #vancaf2022 #smallpresscomics #art

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2022-03-27 00:24:42

ANNOUNCEMENT📯📯📯 PREORDER / Red Riding Hoods Wolf Apprentice: Final Testament to the Moon volume 1 by Sayaka Mogi A5 | approx 100 pages | french flaps with foil spot covers | monochrome + color pages There used to be many werewolves, but now only few remain.. here is detailed the tragic fate of werewolf twins Skoll and Hati in this, the final testament to the moon. “I want to hurry and grow up…” The first volume of Sayaka Mogi’s ongoing series, this book introduces the werewolf twins who play an integral role in the story of the wolfkin tribe. This work both stands alone as an independent story and functions as a continuation of the Kodansha digital series Red Riding Hood’s Wolf Apprentice and the overarching world of Humans, Beastkin, and Hunters. Sayaka Mogi continually refines their line with the spinning of this new epic yarn of fantasy / adventure / drama. Note: To be clear, this is an independent story to the original Kodansha Red Riding Hood’s Wolf Apprentice series, and to our previous release of a side story set in this same world, False Stars. While this series will continue the overall story from RRHWA, it is a standalone title and no prior knowledge is required. The work is written such that new readers can enjoy it entirely without the context of the original short series Red Riding Hood’s Wolf Apprentice. Also Recommended: False Stars by Sayaka Mogi (published by Glacier Bay Books, 2021). Preorder at our website | link in our profile #glacierbaybooks #sayakamogi #redridinghoodswolfapprentice #finaltestamenttothemoon #manga #indiecomics #doujinshi #smallpresscomics #smallpresspublishing #indiecomicsart #bookart

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2022-03-27 00:02:30

ANNOUNCEMENT📯📯📯 PREORDER / Sleepy Child: Dream Another Dream by Shinnosuke Saika [all images are placeholder and not final, taken from the original Sleepy Child release] 5×7 format, with thick textured stock for the covers. Approximately 100 pages long. Dream Another Dream collects the first three currently out of print stories from Shinnosuke Saika’s Sleepy Child series: Sleepy Child, That Child, and The Lullaby. [Tonio, which is being published concurrently by Glacier Bay Books, is the fourth story.] This is a special reprint edition for the 2022 festival season in order to keep the early stories accessible to new readers. It will feature all new cover artwork, Preorder at our website | link in our profile #glacierbaybooks #shinnosukesaika #toshoneko #sleepychild #manga #indiecomics #doujinshi #smallpresscomics #smallpresspublishing #indiecomicsart #bookart

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2022-03-26 23:38:03

ANNOUNCEMENT📯📯📯 PREORDER / Tonio by Shinnosuke Saika 5×7 format | 32 pages perfect | thick textured cover stock with watercolor portrait | BW interior on uncoated 100# stock. You are you, Tonio. All of your mother, and all of your father too. This is the story of Tonio, from before they met Mato [in Saika’s previous comic “That Child”]. Note: Tonio does not require previous knowledge of the events of Saika’s other comics Sleepy Child, That Child, or The Lullaby. Preorder at our website | link in our profile #glacierbaybooks #shinnosukesaika #toshoneko #sleepychild #manga #indiecomics #doujinshi #smallpresscomics #smallpresspublishing #indiecomicsart #bookart

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2022-03-26 23:22:23

ANNOUNCEMENT📯📯📯 PREORDER / Mermaid Town by Tomohiro Tsugawa A5 | 80 pages | 2 color cover with edge stain Tsugawa’s comic “dream journal”, carefully transcribing their recollection of an array vivid dreams, mysterious places, and subtly surreal interactions, in narrative manga form. A work recently rereleased by the author, unearthed from material over ten years old! This collection includes 9 short stories in a startling variety of tones and settings. Note: As a preorder bonus incentive, all preorders placed during MARCH 2022 will receive a digital preview (pdf) of the first 2 stories in April. Preorder at our website | link in our profile #glacierbaybooks #tomohirotsugawa #manga #indiecomics #doujinshi #smallpresscomics #smallpresspublishing #indiecomicsart #bookart

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2022-03-26 23:00:35

ANNOUNCEMENT📯📯📯 PREORDER / Meet Me in the Unkept Garden by Soejima Asuka A5 | 32 pages | french flaps with spot cover Soejima Asuka’s debut comic, a short work about growing up, and about love and the search for yourself. What does it mean to be an adult? Preorder at our website | link in our profile #glacierbaybooks #soejimaasuka #manga #indiecomics #doujinshi #smallpresscomics #smallpresspublishing #indiecomicsart #bookart

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2022-03-26 22:45:59

ANNOUNCEMENT📯📯📯 PREORDER / A Favorable Wind on Full Sails by Arantoochika A5 | 3 color cover | printed with steel blue ink 160 pages of beautiful and tremulous youth comics. A young artist informed by the Gekiga masters, this is a book for lovers of Seiichi Hayashi, Yoshiharu Tsuge, Shinichi Abe, Tadao Tsuge, Osamu Kanno: artists mining from an expressive, personal vein. This new release, the artist’s solo-debut, collects several self-published works, as well as stories issued in alternative manga magazine Kakuu. Arantoochika has been previously published in English in Glaeolia volume 1. This release will include the artist’s afterword, as well as commentary by Fukumoto Masahisa. Note: All preorders placed within MARCH 2022 will receive a postcard as a limited preorder incentive. Preorder at our website | link in our profile #glacierbaybooks #arantoochika #manga #gekiga #indiecomics #doujinshi #smallpresscomics #smallpresspublishing #indiecomicsart #bookart

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