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2022-07-07 14:00:52

Don't just take our word for it...check out this month's mbrmagazine for their view on our new Tech 4's: "Hats off to Hope; these new Tech 4s are rock solid with a superbly smooth feel and have become my new number one brake of choice." #hopetech #ukmade

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2022-07-04 10:30:08

#ManufacturingMonday The original plan, was to stick a clip mechanism on an F20....so we started looking at existing systems, but found they didn’t work how we wanted, they needed clearance meaning most of the platform of the pedal would be wasted. So we prototyped one of our own, found it worked pretty well, so developed it further to see where it took us....the end result: the Union Pedals. #hopetech

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2022-07-03 15:00:12

#bikecheck Inspired by swarf, our in-house painter went to town on this HB916 using a mottled technique to create the finish. We then went the extra mile with custom etched Pro 4 Hubs, Evo Cranks, Stem and Tech 4 Brakes creating a true one of a kind HB916. #ukmade #hopetech

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2022-07-02 13:00:17

11.5km's of flow. #hb916 #hopetech 📸 samfla

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2022-06-29 14:00:06

HB916 details. The chain and seat stays are a hybrid construction of aluminium and carbon. #hb916 #hopetech #ukmade 📸 wayne_myers_photography

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2022-06-28 12:46:28

XC down in Cornwall and world_enduro from Italy. Last weekend was a busy one! RD5 of xc_nps_uk at woodysbikepark saw another win for Max 🥇 plus a top 10 for Phil on a course the riders enjoyed! Over to Italy for RD3 of world_enduro and 101iana narrowly missed out on the masters win taking home 🥈 💪💪💪 #hopefactoryracing #hopetech 📸 man_down_media

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2022-06-27 13:30:07

#manufacturingmonday More Pro 4's than the eye can see. Machined, anodised, assembled & built into wheels all under one roof in Barnoldswick. #hopetech #ukmade

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2022-06-26 13:15:14

#bikecheck Look familiar? 🤔 marinbikes pushed the boat out on a special Alpine Trail, all in homage to their 1993 Pine Mountain F.R.S. Custom paint and purple Hope components...we're very much into it 👌🏻🤘🏻🔥 #hopetech #marinbikes 📸 andylloyder

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2022-06-25 17:01:22

vinny_t_ making it all look easy... 👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻

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2022-06-22 11:30:01

RC, TC or GC our Union pedals are designed for any type of riding. Made with our own cleat mechanism for easy pedal entry, secure cleat holding and positive, consistent release. #ukmade #hopetech 📸 wayne_myers_photography

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2022-06-20 13:30:04

#ManufacturingMonday We make everything here in Barnoldswick. From Master cylinders to bore caps, but what part are we half way through machining here? #hopetech #ukmade

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2022-06-19 13:30:13

#bikecheck An oldie but a goldie. The btr_fabrications Pinner. Handmade in the UK this special edition from 2017, came with loads of extra bling. Described as 'Functional art' gold & kashima is paired with our black components, to make a build that not only looks the part it has the performance to back it up too. 🤘🏻👌🏻🔥 Check out btr_fabrications for more of his builds. #hopetech #ukmade

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