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2020-05-26 19:12:34

The F train was rockin' a bit too hard that morning, based on this one's little spill. I'm torn between showing off my domestic skills by taking care of that dirty laundry OR going nuts and turning this train into a proper wet t-shirt contest. #EitherWayItsComingOff #HDRarchives #hotdudesreading

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2020-05-22 18:25:29

Maybe it's that sexy camel-colored coat or the fact that my thirst has reached levels only seen in the Sahara, but I took one look at this tall drink of water and immediately got the urge to climb on his back. If I wasn’t so love drunk, I’d jump right on board and ride him off into the sunset. After all, what’s a camel without a couple of good humps. #AndMyLovelyLadyLumps #HDRarchives #hotdudesreading

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2020-05-19 15:53:01

Whatever prose this dapper dude is reading can’t possibly match the beauty of that beautifully full beard. He’s like the sexy English professor of my dreams, only with way better hair. That said, where can I sign up for voluntary detention? #IBetHeHasAHugeDictionary #HDRarchives #hotdudesreading

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2020-05-14 18:33:08

This Clooney clone has me longing for the days when I could step on a train and fall instantly in love. The combo of that salt-and-pepper hair, stylish jacket and serious hardcover are doing crazy things to my blood pressure. Wish there was a doctor in the house. #SpecificallyMyHouse #PagingDoctorRoss #AlsoTHANKYOUHealthCareHeroes #HDRarchives #hotdudesreading

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2020-05-12 22:32:59

Judging by the way this heartbreaker's licking his lips, he must be reading something steamy. I'm going to pretend it's a cookbook and he's planning a romantic meal for me. But with a face like that, he could heat up yesterday's leftovers and I'd still be all over it. #TheSloppierTheBetter #CleanupOnAisle5 #AreWeStillTalkingAboutFood? #HDRarchives #hotdudesreading

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2020-05-06 19:22:58

His book may be in rough shape, but this dude is re-FIIIIIIIIINE-d. He looks like he’s about to step on stage for Shakespeare in the Park, and I’ll gladly be his Juliet. Thankfully he can’t heard the soliloquy forming in my head. #ActuallyCallMeDrool-iet #MontagueMe #HDRarchives #hotdudesreading

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2020-04-29 17:37:02

This buttoned-up Wall Street babe looks like he has it all. Power suit? Mmhmmm. Perfectly coiffed hair? Uh-huh. Expensive weekend bag? Yup. Now that those are out of the way, we can work on crossing a few things off my list. #ApartmentOnThePark #HouseInTheHamptons #VillaInTuscany #NoPrenup #HDRarchives #hotdudesreading

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2020-04-26 23:25:17

Even thought it’s practically May, it‘ll always be beanie season in my book, especially if it’s attached to a balanced babe like this. I’m not sure what’s more impressive — his statuesque height or his ability to ride completely hands-free. I can be impressive, too, but my skills are a lot more hands-on. #AndLightsOff #HDRarchives #hotdudesreading

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2020-04-13 16:39:19

Three, six, nine, damn he fine. No shame in getting low to sneak a better peek at this East Side boy. Let's be honest, this isn't the first time (or the last) that I've bent over at the waist in the name of a good photo op. If he'd only look up, I could show him these skills can be used for more just snapping pics. #DownwardDoggyStyle #HDRarchives #hotdudesreading

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2020-04-10 18:27:40

Check out this storybook prince with his head in a book on a platform far, far away. From his wavy locks to his perfect nose and chiseled jaw, he would look perfect riding off into the sunset with me. Full transparency — I say all that mostly because I really want to be a part of his happy ending. #CallMeSinderella #TheDressComesOffAtMidnight #HDRarchives #hotdudesreading

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2020-04-06 21:48:39

We’re all feeling a little blue right now, but thankfully we have this gentle (and tall) green giant to distract us. I may feel extra small from down here, but at least I’ll have a better chance of finding his magic beans. Good luck getting me to exchange them though — this is one beanstalk I fully plan on climbing. #FeeFiFoYummm #HDRarchives #hotdudesreading

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2020-04-03 16:50:51

This whole pandemic cancelled Spring Break, so I’m just going to daydream about being on a Mexican beach with this perfectly tanned prince. Ironic that he’s reading a novel titled Freedom because if he was mine, he’d never leave my sight. I’d watch him closer than a sorority girl staring down a Señor Frogs bartender with free shots. #MargaritaInMyMouth #EyesUpHereMichael #HDRarchives #hotdudesreading

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