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2020-02-26 20:06:50

Is that chiseled jaw messing with my vision or is Batman riding in the same car as me? Maybe his Batmobile is in the shop? Regardless, if there’s a leather suit hiding under that popped collar, you won’t have to ask me twice to go home with you and watch your Dark Knight rise. #ShowMeYourBatCave #AndIllShowYouMine #hotdudesreading

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2020-02-20 17:36:43

Between that Ramit Sethi book and those sexy bare ankles, I’ve got a shiver downriver. You may be up on all the latest fashions, but I spy one part of your wardrobe that's worth editing — you should ditch the duffle and drape me over your shoulder instead. #OversizedBaggage #DoNotHandleWithCare #hotdudesreading

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2020-02-18 02:07:43

UM, nobody puts baby in the corner! My hungry eyes have been imagining him grinding those hips against me like Patrick Swayze dancing on a flashy stage, giving me the time of my life. And I completed about 6 whole days of dry January, so there’s a 50% chance he’ll be able to lift me above his head. #DirtyGlancing #LetsMambone #hotdudesreading

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2020-02-15 01:04:34

I won’t confirm that I stopped here to drink champagne till I forget I’m alone on #ValentinesDay, but I’m also not going to deny it. But had I known this loner would be here solo, I wouldn’t have eaten those 47 boxes of chocolate for lunch. Finish up that book, baby, and let’s trade that three-seater table for your two-person bed. #RosesAreRed #VioletsAreBlue #IWontBeWearingMyShirtMuchLonger #AndNeitherWillYou #hotdudesreading

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2020-02-13 20:17:20

This glasses-wearing gum drop is giving me serious studious vibes and I am here for it. You don’t need 20/20 vision to get hot and steamy with me (in fact, I prefer it) so let me sit on your lap until the next stop and see how quickly we can fog those babies up. #VisionOfLove #BlurryisBetter #hotdudesreading

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2020-02-03 02:07:36

This #SuperBowl cutie spotted #OnThe6 shouldn’t be fooled by the thoughts that I got, I’ll still, I’ll still take him ‘round the block. And then back to my bed. And then to breakfast in the morning, his treat. No matter what block we’re on, I’ll be good with this arm candy by my side. #TheyCallMeJHo #hotdudesreading

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2020-01-30 19:31:02

Toto, I don’t think we’re in IKEA anymore. Something tells me if this Swedish Meatball was delivered to my bedroom, I wouldn't need ANY help putting him and I together. #NoInstructionsNecessary #FastandUnstable #hotdudesreading

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2020-01-23 02:17:07

Just when I started to get seasonal depression, this hot blooded hunk reminded me what we have in store a few months away. While he’s clearly somewhere warm enough for “sky’s out, thighs out” rules, I’m stuck inside wondering what other kind of meat he’s got between those hams? #SnowsOutHoesOut #hotdudesreading

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2020-01-17 18:02:56

Dios Mio. After an all night party on the beach til the break of dawn, I’m gonna need a lush rooftop hideaway to recover. While @LifeHouseHotels has all the amenities I might need, this Miami Heat of a human could be the final thing to get me over the hump. #AndUnderTheSheets #hotdudesreading @terrasmiami #sponsored

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2020-01-07 20:56:45

It’s been a whole week since #Friends left @netflix and I’m on the brink of collapse. Maybe that’s why the universe dropped this dashing doppelgänger into my life today. Normally I look for a man with Ross’ brains, Chandler’s humor and Joey’s mojo — but today I only have eyes for Paolo. #YouCanBeMyCrapWeaselAnyDay #HowYouDoin #hotdudesreading

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2020-01-03 19:59:24

I can tell by the way this dude is leaning into this book that he's flexible, and just like that, I just found my New Year's resolution (better late than never, y’all). I haven’t stepped inside a gym in over a year, but if he'll take me home and teach me how to touch my toes, I'll be down to commit to doing it every. single. day. of. the. year. #DoubleTheJointsDoubleTheFun #NewYearNewBendableMe #hotdudesreading

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2019-12-17 19:35:32

This 145th Street loner is practically begging for a special friend to sit next to him. Works out for me, too, since I’m looking for a karaoke partner for my office holiday party. If he helps me scream-sing “All I Want For Christmas Is You” in front of my boss, I’ll make sure the end of his night is anything but silent. #FelizNavidaddy #hotdudesreading

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