Hot Mulligan

@hotmulligan #1 HOT NEW BAND // *Equip Sunglasses* premiering now on @billboard. Pre-order ‘You’ll Be Fine’ out March 6th on @nosleeprecords

2020-02-21 21:28:18

*Equip Sunglasses* streaming everywhere. Sold out in Buffalo tonight w/ @grayscalepa, @wstrband, and @lurk_usa. You’ll Be Fine out on March 6th

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2020-02-20 17:39:43

*Equip Sunglasses* music video premiering now on @billboard. Link in bio. Video by @michaelherrick_

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2020-02-20 16:50:48

STOLEN GEAR Please keep an eye out for these instruments in the Indianapolis and surrounding areas. All Reverend brand. The red guitar and pink bass are prototypes. They are one of a kind due to having ‘PROTO’ written on the headstock.

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2020-02-16 19:45:03

Tonight’s show at Durty Nellies with @grayscalepa, @wstrband, and @lurk_usa is almost sold out. Doors at 6:00. 📸: @michaelherrick_

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2020-02-15 18:35:45

Hey, you. Yes, YOU! Have you pre-ordered You’ll Be Fine, out March 6th on @nosleeprecords. No? Well, what are you waiting around for, silly goose? Get your stinky little butt over to the link in our bio and have yourself a little treat. 📸: @michaelherrick_

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2020-02-14 05:25:12

Thank you Omaha 🤘 Video by @michaelherrick_

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2020-02-14 00:04:29

Can I get some ‘😎’ in the comments please? 📸: @michaelherrick_

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2020-02-12 18:30:00

West Coast shows are wrapped up. Tour continues tonight w/ @grayscalepa, @wstrband, and @lurk_usa at Black Sheep in Colorado Springs. 📸: @michaelherrick_

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2020-02-11 00:34:33

Put your hands up like this ‘🤚’ Now repeat after me ‘#1HotNewBand’ (seriously, comment it. It’ll be cool) 📸: @michaelherrick_

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2020-02-10 18:41:11

Video by @michaelherrick_

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2020-02-08 19:47:54

You’ll Be Fine comes out March 6th on @nosleeprecords. Based on the track list, which song are you most excited to hear? 1. OG Bule Sky 2. *Equip Sunglasses* 3. Feal Like Crab 4. Green Squirrel In Pretty Bad Shape 5. Dirty Office Bongos 6. Analog Fade (New Bule Sky) 7. We’re Gonna Make It To Kilby! 8. Digging In 9. SPS 10. BCKYRD 11. The Song Formerly Known As Intro 📸: @michaelherrick_ #1HotNewBand #BTS #HotMulligan

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2020-02-07 19:40:19

Video by @michaelherrick_

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