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2020-02-26 21:02:36

As if this needed to be said.

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2020-02-22 20:48:12

You can just text these guys if you’re struggling x

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2020-02-21 17:28:42

Look at this sky! It’s like a huge fluffy blanket, I’ve not seen anything quite like it. I love the tall tree, and the cute tiny tree. I’m seeing her in everything. It’s like she’s been sending signs and messages all week. I hear you my love ❤️❤️❤️

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2020-02-19 20:28:09

Our weekend at Latitude festival was an absolute corker. I’d been invited to be in the literary tent, so was given a caravan to stay in. Obviously, I chose Caroline as my plus one. We laughed from the second she picked me up in London. It was a real girls weekend, Cam, Josie, Gem, Dee, Laura, Gizzi, we were all there, all on form, all up for anything. At one point we were given massive 70s wigs to wear, which we did all weekend. (I’d like to say I’m sorry if that is culturally inappropriate in anyway, but this was about 8 years ago and we didn’t realise that at the time). The wigs were crucial to our fun, because Caroline was then in disguise. Meaning she could be even naughtier than usual. We walked in front of the main stage in broad daylight, beers in hand, free, silly, wild. She wafted through the crowd and she was so happy. I remember us saying it over and over. A HUGE red lipped smile on her face.Then suddenly, a cricket ball came out of nowhere and hit me on my head. It made a loud clunk noise and I melted to the ground. I lay there, lifeless for a few moments, Caroline standing over me crying with laughter saying ‘Oh my God, are you dead?’ After a few blurry seconds I looked up, her massive head lined by the burning sun above her, and I breathed ‘My afro saved my life.’ She literally fell on top me and we lay in a screaming heap of tears and laughter until we could use our legs again. For the rest of the weekend we sang ‘Last night an afro saved my life.’ On the last day, we were wrecked. She had to drive us home. Dreading it, we walked a moment into the woods, and stumbled across a little café. A magical little café in the woods, was it even real? I don’t know. They started to play a song neither of us had ever heard before, Eddie Rabbit, I Love a Rainy Night. And despite our soggy bones we started dancing on a table. It became our very special song. An hour into the journey home, I subtly wound down the window. She noticed. We said nothing. My nose got closer to the air outside. ‘Oh my God, it’s me isn’t it?’ she said. I was so relieved. ‘You FUCKING STINK.’ I screamed out of the window. We had to pull over to laugh. So many fun times 💓💓

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2020-02-18 18:19:18

“I’m in the air Dawn”.

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2020-02-18 08:12:28

We asked some of our friends to meet us in a pub to raise a glass to Caroline. Chris and I are so devastated. We just cry and cry. We can’t stop. We loved her so much. We shared our stories. We laughed, we got mad. We cried even more. I feel like I’ll never stop crying. Then she came on the TV in the pub. The guy on the news saying how tragic her death was. It was so strange. A group of people were talking about her and I yelled ‘SHE WAS MY FRIEND’. And they raised a glass to her too, and I told them how fun and special she was. We all agreed we need to take care of each other and be kind. It’s all we can do. Oh my love ❤️ thank you to our friends who came x

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2020-02-17 20:44:47

We were so silly. On this particular night Caroline came over and we decided to make our very own Indy movie about ginger nuts. What I love most is that we look totally off our heads but we actually weren’t. We were just utterly ridiculous. I’ve watched it 1000 times today. My funny FUNNY friend. I am glad this video evidence of our undeniable talents as a film makers exists. We had so many great times. They keep playing in my head like movie trailers ❤️

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2020-02-16 16:14:39

Honestly, this would have made her day. She was so proud of the time her and @josie_cat_face knocked on their dressing room door and got photos. She talked about it like she’d just met Beyonce ❤️

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2020-02-16 03:09:10

Right back at you baby @carolineflack 💔

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2020-02-16 00:43:17

I wore this dress today. Look at her. I can hear her laugh in this photo 💚💚💚💚❤️❤️❤️❤️

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2020-02-16 00:33:42

Her laugh was my favorite laugh. We had so much fun. Honestly, we laughed until we wet ourselves. All the time. She was so funny, and so silly, and there were brilliant, brilliant times. Her life had so much happiness in it. We went to so many festivals, and we sang at pianos and we danced at parties and we rolled around with tears of joy. And we knew how lucky we were, and we said it out loud. The best of times. Some of the most fun days of my life and hers too, I’m sure. I’ll miss her laugh every day forever, and I’ll never believe this is real. I love you Caroline and I’ll always sing songs for you. No dance floor will ever be the same again ❤️❤️

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2020-02-14 22:31:48

I was just going through some old photos and found this one of Gem. It’s saved in my favorites because she’s one of my favorite people. I took it on the beach in Margate when Valentine and I went to spend the day with her a couple of years ago. Gem is one of those electrifying humans who has an energy that most people can’t even imagine. She’s the greatest party person of all time. In both organizing and attending. She loves SO HARD and plays even harder. She’s someone I am most proud of. In that I love showing her off, and feel endlessly wow’d by her ambition and ideas. We’ve had SUCH good times. So many loud LOUD laughs. This photo is like a shot of love right into my eye ball, so I thought I’d share it with you all on Valentines Day. Everyone should have a bit of Gem in their lives, so here’s a dose of her for you today. Love you @gemagain Happy Valentines ❤️❤️❤️❤️

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