Hot Pursuit

@hotpursuitmovie The official Instagram account for #HotPursuit, starring @ReeseWitherspoon and @SofiaVergara - in theaters May 8, 2015!

2015-05-21 21:58:33

Hard to be inconspicuous with your hair blowing in the wind. ‪#‎HotPursuit‬ #NowPlaying #ReeseWitherspoon

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2015-05-20 22:44:53

SPOILER ALERT: @SofiaVergara’s had you fooled this whole time. What, you thought her accent was real? @ReeseWitherspoon is here to give you the real scoop! #HotPursuit #NowPlaying

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2015-05-20 01:59:21

Don’t let the sparkly stilettos fool ya. @SofiaVergara isn’t just a pretty face. She’s one tough muchacha! ‪#‎HotPursuit‬ #NowPlaying #SofiaVergara

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2015-05-18 17:00:07

It was #TrueWomance at first sight. @ReeseWitherspoon and @SofiaVergara make the perfect couple in #HotPursuit. Who’s your #girlcrush?

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2015-05-16 22:58:21

Everything’s more fun with @ReeseWitherspoon and @SofiaVergara! #HotPursuit is in theaters now!

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2015-05-12 18:59:19

The buddy comedy isn’t just for the boys. @SofiaVergara and @ReeseWitherspoon bring the funny in #HotPursuit, in theaters now! If you had to make a run for it, who would you hit the road with? Tag your best partner-in-crime in the comments!

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2015-05-11 01:04:16

Happy Mothers’ Day to all of our ‪#‎HotMamas‬! Don’t forget today is the last day for your chance to win a "hot" trip to Hollywood! Check out to learn more! No purchase necessary. Void where prohibited. Subject to official rules. ‪#‎HappyMothersDay‬ ‪#‎HotPursuit‬

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2015-05-10 22:49:11

Treat your mom to a little Sunday Funday! #HotPursuit is locked and loaded with laughs - and now playing in a theater near you.

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2015-05-10 00:06:34

@ReeseWitherspoon is bringing the funny all weekend long! After you catch her running for her life in #HotPursuit, tune-in to see her host @nbcsnl tonight! #SNL #ReeseWitherspoon #SaturdayNightLive #Comedy

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2015-05-09 18:57:20

Everyone's talking about the year's most "laugh out loud" comedy! Now's your chance- tell us below in ONE WORD what you thought of #HotPursuit!

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2015-05-08 22:07:33

@reesewitherspoon and @sofiavergara are locked, loaded, and ready for action (all kinds of action). Buckle up and hold on tight - #HotPursuit hits theaters TODAY!

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2015-05-07 20:34:32

Ready to ride shotgun with @ReeseWitherspoon and @SofiaVergara? #HotPursuit races into theaters TOMORROW! #May8 #ReeseWitherspoon #SofiaVergara #Tomorrow #Film #Movie #Comedy Get Tix:

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