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2019-07-19 14:26:40

🔺🔺🔺HOTTIES EN ROUTE 2 SEATTLE🔺🔺🔺 catch us at thee @capitolhillblockparty Vera Stage TONIGHT. also doin an on air interview w @kexp for the afternoon show! also ripping a pre-soccer shredder at the @soundersfc game on Sunday!!! can’t wait to find the elusive space needle at last 😘

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2019-07-12 16:49:13

one week til @capitolhillblockparty we’ll see ya 🔺NEXT FRIDAY IN SEATTLE🔺 photo by @m_hallowell

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2019-07-01 17:19:30

OUR @kexp SESSION IS NOW LIVE ON YOUTUBE PEEP THE LINK IN THE USUAL PLACES & WATCH ME BREAK THRU THE 4TH WALL INTO YR REALITIES🔺 thank u again to @djkevincole for having us in the stu - this was a real dream come tru ☺️ also we will be BACK IN SEATTLE to play @capitolhillblockparty THIS month on 7/19 cannot wait to rip again 🔺⚡️

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2019-06-12 19:38:26

it’s almost summer & it’s mf HOTT ☀️ we got the spiciest shred of them all comin up on 7/19 in Seattle for @capitolhillblockparty ☀️☀️☀️ also make sure yr snaggin tix for our tour supporting @puptheband in sept! 🏄🏻‍♀️ now who’s got a pool, the empty cans aint workin 🏖

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2019-06-04 23:58:52

big thx 2 @fender & @jasonmklein ⚡️ this summer’s gna rip ⚡️ can’t w8 to take this baby in the stu and then on the road w @puptheband

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2019-05-30 19:09:02

(1) the prodigal 🌚blub🌚 hath return (2&3) big big thx 2 our dear shreddr @nathanielsghost for his rippage, thx for letting me peep yr prowess, and happy trails as u move on to the next adventure! 🛤 (4) time for me to str8 chill and (5) grill some patties and some LP2 FOR YOU (6) new merch up on @bandcamp - aren’t me roomies qt?!? 🌻

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2019-05-22 23:16:13

the two genders 🔺 baby vs daddy 🔺 we r playing @bledfest this saturday 🔺 we r playing @hopscotchfest in september 🔺 i cannot stop drinking coffee or googling tutorials on synths i will nvr purchase 🔺

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2019-05-18 19:57:03

i have no words for the last week. thank u @americfootball for takin us on the tour of a lifetime ❤️ when good music, good ppl, and good gigs all line up it is truly magical and i can’t believe i get to do this for my mf job. WE LUV U, FOOTBALLS 🔺🏈 photo by @amberlynnez at @kexp

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2019-05-17 21:43:00

get 🔺FIT’d🔺TONITE W THE HOT SQUAD IN SEATTLE AT @showbox WITH @americfootball 🔺it’s our v last night opening up for the best rippers on earth. c yr fannies l8rrrr 💕

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2019-05-16 15:42:36

up v early to shred some guest vox for @americfootball on @kexp live at 10:30a ✨ then straight to vancouver for the full ripper at @imperialvancouver rollll outtttt BC! 🔺🔺🔺 photos by @_anselz & @carlpocket

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2019-05-15 17:03:23

waking up w Penny in 🔺PORTLAND🔺 we will see y’all tonight at @wonder_ballroom along @americfootball also it is our TM Ansley’s BIG BDAY TODAY 🎂 every1 give @_anselz infinite love today bc we stan a Taurus hero, a photography legend, merch slinger supreme, someone who has kept the hotts pointed tru north and smiled the whole way up! we love u, Ans!! 💜

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2019-05-13 15:48:51

SOLD OUT SF SHREDDER TONIGHT W @americfootball AT @greatamericanmusichall 🔺🔺🔺 gettin emo w IH & hoppin on the BGs for a couple jammers w my dads ✨ come snag a NEW VARIATION OF KYF VINYL (clear w red & white swirl and seaglass)

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