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2019-11-05 19:24:15

i’ve learned a lot about transparency in the last month & was thinkin it might be fun to demonstr8 how a baby song grows up into a full blown rip’r, which takes a lot of moving parts. SOOO peep the link in bio 2 hear what PPL PLZR sounded like in demo form! i definitely wobbled my way thru a first pass, but there’s a lot of heart floating around in there. i even ended up lifting the outro verse for the final recording bc it felt far more natural than any of the times i tried to replicate it. i would be extremely happy to nerd out with y’all about how the rest of the track formed around my initial sketch. here’s some demo art as well, bc it was fun to watch the visuals grow up too ::) we are still sending all proceeds to @trevorproject so if ya can, throw some change their way ❤️ ALSO, bc y’all asked so nicely, the final version of ppl plzr will be available to stream on 11/12 so smash that pre-save link asap 😘 ALSO ALSO i am playing a house show in Seattle 2nite so plz DM for details!

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2019-10-25 17:43:44

the outpouring of love n support for “ppl plzr” has been overwhelming and I can’t thank y’all enough for taking a listen 😭💘 it has been wild and humbling to connect w everyone in this moment, and to see the lil light beam i tried to shine reflected back by you, many times brighter than i could ever have imagined. keep on listening, keep on donating to @trevorproject , and take care of the ppl you love. extra special thanks to @gr8_grandpa & @derekted for including me in this dreamy backyard show, to @kennychiwa147 for taking this pic, and to the friends that have let me lean on them with no hesitation & with infinite tenderness ❤️ on our way to ASU to rip w @cherryglazerr - we’ll see ya soon, Phoenix 🔺

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2019-10-22 16:03:10

“ppl plzr” is available now on @bandcamp thru @tinyengines - pay whatever you want/can bc all proceeds go to support @trevorproject - link in bio 🔺 thank u to my biggest heroes, tim, zach, emily, mike, collin, jett, kenny, david, & tristan for helpin me channel an emotion & turn this thing around in like a week 💘 also thx craigslist Atlanta for this gr8 tape machine. this is comin str8 from my guts to yrs in as close to real time as i could manage. feel this with me plz, Y’all ✨ ~ if yr in LA roll thru TONIGHT for a special acoustic show w @gr8_grandpa & @derekted (DM any of us for the address) if yr in AZ on FRIDAY we’ll be playin at ASU with @cherryglazerr 🔺

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2019-10-02 15:53:27

so very thankful to be on this spinning earth with this perfect bunch o losers 💫 @puptheband & @pottymouthworld are the two best bands of all time, what an honor to round out our year of touring with them 💕 endless gratitude to everyone who came thru, let us sleep on their floor, fed our souls with mems & our tums w snax. and most of all thank u to Tim, Zach, & Sapphire for facing every challenge head on & whose dedication allows me to live my dreams🔺 photo: @amandafotes

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2019-09-29 13:58:10

last one for a while tonight in 🔺GRAND RAPIDS AT THE INTERSECTION W @puptheband & @pottymouthworld 🔺 this was a dream tour, and i hope y’all are rdy 2 rip one more with us 🔺 photo: @boundbyforest

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2019-09-28 15:03:10

big hangs for 2more nights with @puptheband & @pottymouthworld 🔺 we’re down in LOUISVILLE TONIGHT at @headlinersmusichall 🔺 bring the bourbon 🥃 photo by @sapphire.jewell

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2019-09-27 15:41:06

3 more shows w @puptheband & @pottymouthworld and we still glamorous ✨🔺TONIGHT WERE IN COLUMBUS AT NEWPORT MUSIC HALL COME ON BY 🔺✨

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2019-09-26 15:09:14

one more week o flashin lights starting 🔺 TONIGHT IN INDIANAPOLIS AT @oldnationalcentre W @puptheband & @pottymouthworld 🔺 heck yes, lil shredders ⚡️ photo by @joshbeavz

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2019-09-24 16:35:15

at my baby-est ➡️ and my daddy-est 🔺 ST LOU COME THRU TO @delmarhallstl WE’RE GETTIN IN TOUCH W BOTH SIDES W @puptheband & @pottymouthworld 🔺

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2019-09-23 14:55:43

scenes from Collin’s bathroom from the last time i was in Nashville ➡️➡️ which butt are you?? sound off in the comments or simply yell it out 🔺TONIGHT AT @canneryballroom W @puptheband & @pottymouthworld 🔺

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2019-09-22 17:13:33

atlanta was so wonderful 🍑 i watched the matrix for the first time & got to meet the sweetest peaches, @punkrockmilo & @ollie.bygolly 🍑 TONIGHT WE’RE IN BIRMINGHAM W @puptheband & @pottymouthworld AT @saturnbham LETS RIPPPPP 🍑

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2019-09-21 14:12:19

posting s0me shred portraiture from T5 to inform u that we will be in 🔺ATLANTA TONIGHT @varietyplayhouse W @puptheband & @pottymouthworld 🔺 we’ve got all day off here what should we get up to?? 📷: @gdeimz

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