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2021-12-05 16:50:28

If you tell a group of people to put their hand on the nearest piece of nature, most people go for a potted plant or go outside to touch the grass, but very few put their hand on their heart. This fundamental misunderstanding is at the center of our mental and physical illness and disconnection — we’re not seperate. Nature is not outside of us or within us, it *is* us.

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2022-05-10 16:44:21

By stepping foot on this earth we are inherently submitting ourselves to the natural ebb and flow, gain and loss, love and hurt, light and dark — which is the process of life. What is created will also fundamentally be destroyed, yet both are beautiful in and of itself. When the sun rises, we know that it will soon set… when the light surrounds us, we know that the darkness is soon imminent. The balance is what keeps us alive and our heart beating — even the beat of a heart is a delicate equilibrium between beating and steadiness. Everything as we know it is a part of this intricate cycle of ever-changing, opposing forces… And, so… in creating this transient piece of art, I couldn’t help but to become enamored in the life of something so short-lived. As easily as the lines were drawn into the sand, they were just as easily going to be washed away… and I found beautiful meaning in that. Attachment was non-negotiable, the experience drew me into the present moment to truly just be, to create without expectation. For a fleeting, yet present, moment.

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2022-05-28 15:48:24

My favorite drone flights always, always involve low-hanging clouds.

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2022-07-06 20:50:02

I thought to myself… “what are the most important ingredients needed to fuel my happiness?” Deep human connection, exploration into the unknown, sharing stories from a raw, vulnerable state, and golden hour… those are a few of the things. And so, from there… I painted my canvas of life in a way that filled my cup while also filling others’. That’s how the story goes. ✨

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2022-07-05 16:19:46

You know, just reminiscing on that one time I brought Aurora to the creek and she murdered a squirrel. DISCLAIMER: Don’t scroll if you’re not into sensitive content.

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2022-07-01 18:29:22

If you asked me what my favorite time of year in the Sedonian Desert was… I don’t really have an answer, because they’re all breathtaking in different ways. But, right now we’re experiencing monsoon season… and all I can say is the sunsets have never been more full of life, the flora and fauna are thriving, and the potent smell of desert rain is sweeping through the canyons. #MonsoonSeason #DesertRain

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2022-07-01 16:44:22

Is this what you think of when you think of Slovenia? Yeah, me neither. But, I like it. 🤯

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2022-06-30 18:36:17

Catching rays and casting shadows through the culture-rich streets of Ljubljana, Slovenia. I had zero expectations for this city, and ended up being completely surprised by how much I fell in love with its architecture, energy, and vibe.

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2022-06-29 23:17:31

You can’t buy happiness… but, you can buy a plane ticket to Europe with your best friend. And that’s pretty much the same thing…

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2022-06-29 18:09:35

It was 7PM in Northern Slovenia. So, I strapped on the jet packs and blasted up for golden hour.

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2022-06-28 14:51:49

wandering the streets of rome, italy jet lagged and running off 2-3 hours of sleep per night, but nevertheless, the city is filled with so much culture, different types of people, with each neighborhood having its own characteristics and unique personality 🇮🇹✨🍝 shot by: kaitandbeyond ✨ . . . #romaitalia #romeitaly #streetsofrome #secretrome #romediaries #roman #romafood #romabella #romalove #loverome #romeitaly🇮🇹 #romecity #rometravel #europetravel #exploreeurope #europedestinations #traveleurope #italyiloveyou #madeinitaly #italyreels #europereels

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2022-06-26 17:15:23

Exploring new, exotic places is one thing. But, exploring them with someone who effortlessly flows on the same wavelength with you, someone who makes you feel like you can just *be* exactly who you are, and — most importantly — someone who has the exact same sense of humor as you do… that’s an experience that lifts your heart, body and soul. ✨

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