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2020-01-26 23:32:51

Brynn is healing from her spay surgery beautifully. She has one more vaccines to go this week and she will be ready for adoption this upcoming weekend. I will post the link to the application later this week. Preferred families will be in or very near Washington State.

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2020-01-26 22:59:55

Byron is such sweet boy but nervous about me when I first walk up. That’s understandable since I’m giant compared to him. But he loves those chin scratches. ♥️

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2020-01-26 02:33:20

For a kitten who sat in a box all last week this is good progress. Byron mostly likes to watch the toy, and he will chase it but hasn’t quite caught on this is a catch game. ♥️

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2020-01-25 01:29:00

Brynn & Byron were spayed and neutered today. I just brought them home. Yay! Brynn looks like she’s feeling good. ♥️ #spayandneuteryourpets

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2020-01-22 04:24:01

Another guest? Why Yes! Meet BYRON ♥️ He’s a shy sweety pie. He lets me pet him and pick him up. We think he might be Brynn’s brother or cousin but Brynn is having none of this reunion nonsense. Byron on the other hand seems unbothered by his sassy roommate. He’s currently in a cage in her room as he acclimates to an indoor life. He likes to throw litter parties when in a mood. So we’re working on calming his nerves. Hopefully this Friday he will be neutered and Brynn will be spayed.

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2020-01-19 18:02:58

Blossom is ready for adoption! She is a playful, loving, purring girl. She doesn’t really like being held but will crawl into a lap on her own terms for cuddles. She didn’t seem thrilled to have another cat, so a family without another cat and young children (she nips when she’s overstimulated) is preferred. Of course, in Washington State or within driving distance is preferred as well. Go to my story ‘How To Adopt’ for the link to her Petfinder profile. ♥️

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2020-01-17 23:58:50

Brynn The Hunter. Her skills are on point. ♥️

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2020-01-17 23:10:45

Miss Brynn has been on food strike since she threw up some wet food on Monday. I’ve put out little bowls all over the room with different brands. Today she finally ate! Verdict: Meow Mix! I know it’s not a healthy brand, but if she’s eating something then it’s a win for the time being. Despite her not eating much lately she has a lot of energy and will play “fetch”. ❤️

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2020-01-13 19:43:15

Say Hello to Brynn! Thank you for all the name suggestions. We figured out this little one is a girl 💖. She has been quick to accept affection but is still begging to go outside. She’s a bit anxious about her sudden indoor reality. I’m hoping with all the yummy food and fun toys she will see it’s better inside. Plus, we’re having a bit of snow here in the PNW. I feel so bad for her mama and sibling who are still outside. We have people working to trap them but this snow has made it difficult. 😿

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2020-01-12 20:03:15

Welcome our new addition! We are not sure if this baby is a boy or girl. Any suggestions of gender neutral names are appreciated!

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2020-01-11 04:32:14

What a sweet boy! It’s the day before his adoption day! He is still shy, but not terrified. He’s unsure about new situations but loves toys SO much that getting him out of his shell takes minutes. Then he falls asleep in my arms. This is the best last night with him I can imagine. ♥️

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2020-01-09 16:39:09

ADOPTION IS PENDING 🎊🎉 •••••• Royce has made huge improvements over the last couple days! His tends to want to hide but loves his wand toy and wet food which has been really helpful in drawing him out. Preference is given to homes in Washington State, with another young kitten and without small children (ages 0-10). Please go to the ‘How to Adopt’ story for the link to his Petfinder profile. There you will find South County Cats’ policies and the adoption application link.

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