Leon Dawes 18 🚵 ORIGIN RACE TEAM 🇬🇧National XC racer @originraceteam supported by @vanellicycling @esigrips @msctiresuk @sportstest Snapchat leonmtb04

2022-06-27 12:20:10

Well woodysbikepark National xc didn’t go to plan! Had a great start then got a front puncture on the rock garden and continued to ride it off a drop into a corner which didn’t go very well and resulted in a very sore heel. Had to ride all the way back up to the pits to get it fixed then went on to finish the race. Massive thanks to everyone in the pits for the help. woodysbikepark vanellicustomsportswear sportstest originraceteam esigrips

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2022-06-20 16:56:10

Woodys southwest xc. Fast conditions. Finished 4th not too happy with. originraceteam sportstest vanellicustomsportswear

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2022-05-30 14:07:49

Starting to find my legs at a very bumpy Cannock chase. originraceteam vanellicustomsportswear sportstest

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2022-05-10 13:02:03


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2022-05-10 12:59:28

Few photos from round three of the national xc series, slowly but surely getting faster.

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2022-03-28 17:53:18

Great to be back racing the xc bike. First race of the xc season at the southern xc, had a great start and felt strong throughout managed to finish 4th can’t wait for the rest of the season. originraceteam sportstest vanellicustomsportswear

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2022-01-18 08:09:02

Finished the Cyclocross season with a fairly sloppy mud fest. Happy to finish the cx season with a win, thanks to everyone for the support during the season. originraceteam sportstest vanellicustomsportswear

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2021-12-20 18:41:01

Not my best race struggled a bit with the soft fields. Massive thanks to originraceteam sportstest vanellicustomsportswear for the continued support

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2021-11-29 19:40:27

South west regional champs 3rd 🥉 not my best race had chest pains for most of it then when I started to find my rhythm leg cramps started, thanks to everyone for the support. originraceteam vanellicustomsportswear sportstest completecycleworks

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2021-11-15 17:45:29

Round 4 of the south west cyclocross this weekend managed to pull off another win 🥇 in the junior mens category thanks to everyone for the support originraceteam sportstest vanellicustomsportswear

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2021-11-01 11:06:50

Round 3 of the south west cyclocross this weekend, was a very muddy race. Had a couple of slips and falls but managed to stay upright for the most of it. Finished 1st in the junior mens category and 5th overall. originraceteam sportstest vanellicustomsportswear

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2021-10-18 17:08:05

South west cyclocross R2, had a great race finishing 2nd in my age category originraceteam vanellicustomsportswear sportstest

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