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2022-05-06 18:01:59


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2021-09-26 05:30:50

Thanks a million to nick1craig who kindly awarded our 2020-21 trophies 🏆 out yesterday - and spotted himself a couple of times in the engravings. #YoungNick #NWCCAHeritage #vandercraig

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2021-09-24 11:03:55

U2 are past their best these days.

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2021-04-23 13:19:23

If you're racing here tomorrow please spare a thought for the poor people who had to spend the day off work in this rubbish proper hardship. 😉 Thanks Graham, Phil, Paul, Robin, Ian and Dave and of course hopetech

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2020-12-31 10:00:47

Congratulations to league regular and event organiser Graham 'Lefty' Wright (Rossendale Road Club) honoured with a British Empire Medal for services to Athletics and to the community in Rossendale, Lancashire Photo by ellenisherwood

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2020-12-19 22:36:45

Results from Round 2 up on nwcca.org.uk - thanks again for the wonderful help hopetech kendal_cycle_club #barrowcc 📷 davehaygarth

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2020-12-17 16:43:51

At it again.

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2020-12-12 17:24:28

Valuable time this afternoon with poldham77 chatting through some great work by hopetech on the course to bring down the amount of running if the ground is waterlogged. So grateful to our sponsors for their time, effort, and love of the sport.

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2020-12-05 17:48:42

Perfect. Thanks to riders for such great sporting behaviour. Thank you to their families for respecting social distancing, thank you to every helper and official for their incredible contribution, and huge thanks to ,hopetech for making this all possible. What a day. /Dave H

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2020-12-04 15:13:57

Bit chilly, but all ready now 👌

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2020-10-30 19:28:18

New races announced. Link in bio.

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2020-10-30 16:30:09


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