unfriendly black hottie💅🏾

@nydollasign bay area owner of @finegirlhairofficial 🦋 📩[email protected]

2019-10-12 20:19:53

girls r so messy & odd, glad ima alien 👽 @fashionnova #fashionnovaambassador #ad

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2019-10-12 01:17:23

ew 3 cars honked at me while I took these pics why r men so annoying :/ swipe to see my resting btch face

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2019-10-11 01:06:34

I’m literally screaming bc why do I actually look good in this Justin Bieber a$$ wig lmaaooo | set from @fashionnova #ad💚🧚🏾‍♀️

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2019-10-05 02:18:27

KIM POSSIHOE | contacts from @topsface_official use “nydollasign” for $$ off ————————— GIVEAWAY TIME😎 how to enter: 1. follow me @nydollasign and @topsface_official 2. like this post 3. tag 3 friends in the comments of this post!

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2019-10-05 01:17:13

Call me beep me but you can’t reach me cuz ur blocked 😘

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2019-10-04 01:02:00

#ad Just finished up another detox from @flattummyco and honestly now that I’m looking at my before photo from last week, you can tell I was due for a much needed cleanse. Feeling wayyy better! (annnd fyi it’s on sale!)

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2019-10-03 00:14:18

FINEGIRLFALL @finegirlhairofficial #HAPPYSPOOKTOBER 😈🎃👻🎃😈🎃👻

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2019-10-02 00:41:57

#ad Just a few days through my @flattummyco tea detox and I’m starting to see good progress. You might not be able to see a huge difference, but believe me I feel it! I’ll be posting my final results up soon. (Ps: they’ve got 20% off right now)

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2019-09-29 18:02:18

Knees skrong like meg🤣

9868     128
2019-09-29 02:33:32

I’d prolly be dead if I was basic @fashionnova #ambassador || ad

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2019-09-25 23:20:19

I got mad selfies in my phone that I’ve never posted lol here’s one😗 sorry for being selfish😔

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2019-09-25 01:05:04

#ad Back on another round of @flattummyco’s detox tea program because why stop something that works right!? This cleanse always takes care of my bloat in a hurry and with 20% off you gotta get on this with me!!🤗

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