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2019-11-15 13:26:06
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Throwback to 2009. Every morning for maybe four years, Conley would wake up, put his cowboy boots on (not pictured) and usually his shirt was on backwards (pictured) and line his hot wheels up on the windowsill. Then one day....he stopped. Never did it again. He grew older. Toys changed. Windowsills changed. Outgrew his cowboy boots. Today Conley turns 13. I am a mom to two teenage boys. No more hot wheels. He wears his shirt with the tag in the back. His chubby cheeks have somehow grown taller and thinner but I love him just the same. How could I not feel blessed today. I can't tell you the joy he has brought to our lives. I pray that he has a fantastic day and that this year he continues to learn, laugh and enjoy the blessings God has given him. Your mama loves you something terrible. (I’m tempted to get those hot wheels out when decorating for his party) 🙂 happybirthday hotwheels windowsills letmeholdyoulonger mysweetboy teenager sentimentalmama

@tammybricephoto at 2019-11-15 13:26:06

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