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Thanks 🙏🏽 So Much For Coming Everyone Coming Out To Supporting Me Opening My Boutique !!! I Appreciate Y’all So Much I Appreciate All The Congratulations 🎈 Messages, Calls And So Much More !!!! I Can’t Believe It That My Dreams Are Really Turning To A Reality!!!!! This Is So Crazy To Me I Was Trapping Out My Mom And Dad Basement And A 2 Bed Room Apartment NOW I HAVE A FREAKING STORE!! So many tireless Nights Working 7 Days Straight, Looking Like A Whole Bum, Putting Every Last Coin Into This Business!!!! I Literally Could Have Bought My Dream Car 2 twice But I Literally Sacrifice And Stayed With My Hoopdy And Move Back Home With My Parents To Make This Happen!!!! You Don’t Have A Passion Until You Realize You Have To Sacrifice!!!!! In Everything I Do I Put God First !!! I Prayed Over Piece Of Clothing, Bag Every Business Card And Thank You Card I Have !!!! I Even Corporated God On My Clothing Tags !!! Because Without GOD THIS WOULDN’T HAVE BEEN POSSIBLE BECAUSE HE TESTED MY FAITH JUST TO WHAT I DO AND I TRY TO DELIVER THROUGH HIM EVERY TIME !!!!Pinkmafia Pinkmafia Fashion Boutique Is Officially Open And Here To Stay !!! We’re going to be open for 3pm to 7pm Www.Pinkmafiafashion.com website is still being updated with inventory but I still have a bunch of stuff that needs to be added so bare with me !!! But it’s a good amount that’s on there !!!!!

@pinkmafiafashionboutique at 2022-06-29 22:36:31

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