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NEW TITLE ANNOUNCEMENT📯📯📯“One Hundred Views of Reality: The Collected Short Stories of Kijitori Byu”. Byu is an independent cartoonist active in the Comitia doujin scene. Their style mixes surreal and sometimes humorous situations with abstract subject matter & simplified line. Perhaps in spite of this, it can be effected to deeply thought-provoking and poignant result. Their work “BYTE” was selected for the 61st Chiba Tetsuya Award, general category. Their self-published manga collection “Zenbu Toki ni Atta” was a jury selection for the 20th Japan Media Arts Award.One Hundred Views will collect 300+ pages worth of Byu’s short story manga, including their highly regarded works “A Long Stay”, “BYTE”, and “A Country Called America” and MANY others. Look for it late (Q4) 2022. Planned for both print and digital editions.

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