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A few of the team took a trip to last weekend for the as the traditional opener in this part of the world, despite the recent the track was in excellent condition with hardly any of the promised mud around which lead to a fast relentless race. and were in the enthusiast race, which is essentially everyone who isn't or coming home 21st and 22nd respectively out of the field of 65, both improving at least 10 places on their previous outing in the race. made a last minute decision to race in the race by suffered some stomach issues and was forced to pull out after 3 laps. In the kids races we had new team member in the or race and he had a good one taking 2nd 🥈overall with little brother taking his honorary team jersey to 2nd 🥈overall in the or race.So all in all top results all round for the northern contingent who'll be heading to the first round of the at this weekend. 📸 by 👌🏼

@originraceteam at 2022-07-07 16:27:19

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