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You know what the most beautiful thing about life is; sometimes you are in a chapter and you are trying to read so far into whatever the storyline is that you become lost. You begin flipping through pages trying to frantically decide how nothing (repeat NOTHING) has to do with the plot, the ending or even the beginning. While you got caught up in all of that mess your vision became blurry, the distraction won. …Except not today and not this time. You closed the chapter earlier than last time and you began to see something beautiful flourish. It’s amazing how you can remember a moment where someone held a certain power or kryptonite over you and you fell to your knees and asked for forgiveness when all they cared about was making you feel insignificant. And now you choose you; the world and life just have a different meaning. One that feels true to you and the life you deserve. Life is good y’all. Life is great actually. 💕 📸: 💁🏼‍♀️:

@paigebeard1 at 2022-08-15 21:54:51

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