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2022-07-02 15:29:14

I’m taking a break. Not like a 5 minute break. One that’s going to bring me some clarity. I’m going stop spending time on the things that are draining me. In the moments where I’m quiet just know that’s the time of focus and dedication to my new and refined vision for my life. My story is written by me and as the author this break is overdue ✌🏼 I’m mapping the routes and the course is set. #letsgo

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2022-06-27 14:51:17

Summit ‘22 ✨ Second Summit in the books! It’s always an incredible experience to see so much energy in one room. 💙 It’s a beautiful experience to be apart of. Thankful for all of the high fives, hugs, and the connections. Until next year ✌🏼 Also 10 pics continues to be a challenge… the last one might be one of my favs 🤣

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2022-06-21 23:43:37

SAVE THE DATE 🎉 August 13th crossfitmeck 9:30-10:30am! Only 80 Spots Available! 😎 I can’t believe this is actually happening. It’s been a really long time since this squad ran a camp. Seriously can’t for the opportunity to lead a camp alongside my bestie nh.fitness__ Come support a great cause and we promise it will be worth it!! 😈😇🔥🔥🔥 Time to Sign Up: The 5th Annual BOB (Best of the Bootcamps) Event is back Sat, August 13 at crossfitmeck. Come get a great workout with great coaches plus 1 Free NEW beer mug shirt or cltfoundation shirt plus 1 beer after the workout...all for just a $35 donation! 🔥Register now at link in bio🔥 Each 1 hour bootcamp session will be capped at 80 people. Those 80 people will be divided into 2 groups and get 30 minutes with each set of coaches in that session for a 1 hour total workout. Thank you to all these gyms and coaches for being part of this and supporting our mission. 100% of the money raised will be donated to the rollinhornets (local kid's wheelchair basketball program). • And we will have music from reflex.radio as well so thank you to this awesome partner as well! • #beersandburpees #bootcamp #charlotte #bestof #charity #fitness 📸: ashleyhixphotography

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2022-06-21 01:22:34

You know what the most beautiful thing about life is; sometimes you are in a chapter and you are trying to read so far into whatever the storyline is that you become lost. You begin flipping through pages trying to frantically decide how nothing (repeat NOTHING) has to do with the plot, the ending or even the beginning. While you got caught up in all of that mess your vision became blurry, the distraction won. … Except not today and not this time. You closed the chapter earlier than last time and you began to see something beautiful flourish. It’s amazing how you can remember a moment where someone held a certain power or kryptonite over you and you fell to your knees and asked for forgiveness when all they cared about was making you feel insignificant. And now you choose you; the world and life just have a different meaning. One that feels true to you and the life you deserve. Life is good y’all. Life is great actually. 💕 📸: ashleyhixphotography 💁🏼‍♀️: lknhair

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2022-06-10 08:27:34

I am Thankful… For this beautiful life That allows for tons of space to grow And for lots of smiles and happiness. . Love yourself. 💕You get one shot at this. The future is bright, stay the course. Go crush it boo 😘 Xoxo PB . Thanks for being apart of today’s mini pep talk 🥰 #spreadhappiness #fitnessjourney #trainertip #cltfitness #bleedblue #charlottenc #clt #morningpeptalk #happyfriyay #lululemon #nobull

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2022-06-07 12:57:26

Girls weekend is good for the soul; recipe includes beach, live music (shout out to willshehanmusic for killing the jams!), fruity drinks and lots of dancing 💃🏼. The best part is the memories and connecting with amazing ppl. 🥰🥰#girlsweekend #surfsidebeachsc willshehanmusic can’t wait to see y’all again!!

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2022-06-03 08:41:38

Charlotte, NC I would like to challenge your title for Queen. 💪🏼 . #trainer #fitness #charlottenc #strong #queencity 📷: ashleyhixphotography

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2022-05-30 21:42:54

Sparta did it for the gram. These outtakes always make me giggle 🤣The last one was for the memory book though 😍🥰 Happy Memorial Day everyone! 🇺🇸❤️🤍💙 #thisisSparta #hikingbuddy #fourleggedfriends

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2022-05-28 19:02:54

First time in NV!! It was an amazing trip. Got to meet some incredible people!! 💙 I’m thankful for the opportunity to be in the field and connect with our communities across the US!! Thank you for having me zulie_humphrey mick.humphrey.73 burnbootcampcentennialnv heytrainerjenna burnbootcamplasvegas latanyadenise_ rlkwynn97 burnbootcamphendersonwestnv

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2022-05-28 01:30:34

Finally conquering the NV jet lag… I was very lucky to enjoy the beautiful Red Rock Canyon among many other adventures!! More pics coming 🔜! #redrockscanyon #adventures

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2022-05-17 16:51:29

You know you don’t make it out often when you have this much video 🤣 A night out in the city 🌆 is super rare but so good for the soul for this momma. Thank you misosati and paigebeard1 for showing me a great time and making me feel young again. Day 3 of still recovering, I’d say Charlotte won this one 🤣 a night to always remember! #nightsout #retired #clt #queencity #uptown #southend #momsnightout #charlottenc

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2022-05-16 13:25:50

Find people in your life that push you to be the best version of yourself and also accept you for who you are. I can’t tell you how much nh.fitness__ has meant to me. We worked together for such a short time but we knew deep down that we had this unique connection. We value very similar things in life and we love to cut up. So much laughter, fun and hard work from this weekend. There’s more to come. See you in July boo!! (It’s too far away! 🥹🥹)

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