Steward Baylor Professional Off-Road Racer @514brand #BaylorHeavy ———————————— 2x ISDE Champion 5x National Enduro Champion 2011 GNCC XC2 Champion 2017 FGSE Champion

2022-01-21 22:54:05

GNCC Nation has spoken, apparently Me (slbaylor5) x buschbeer would be a match made in heaven! buschbeer, think we make a deal for the 2022 race season?? 🙌🏻 Everybody tag buschbeer below in my comments. Let’s see if we can make this thing happen! 🔥😜gncc_racing anheuserbusch

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2022-01-21 16:27:01

Another day, another set of tight trees 🔥😍 514brand the_shoals_mx

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2022-01-19 17:01:01

Nothing beats ruts in wet, red clay! 😍 You’ll probably never be able to change my mind, but you can try in the comments below 😆⬇️ the_shoals_mx 514brand amproyamaha yamahamotorusa

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2022-01-17 22:58:31

Trying to do my best axellhodges impression on the “Style Pile” here at the_shoals_mx 🔥 Axell, how did I do? 😜💪🏻

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2022-01-15 03:16:58

My brownsrv_superstore camper is so awesome, some days I just take it to the track with me! 🔥😜 (SWIPE to see what I mean!) Brown’s RV has been one of my biggest supporters for a few years now, supplying me with the best RV’s and Campers on the market! I currently drive the Thor Magnitude 4x4, no problem getting into muddy tracks for me! Go get yours today! brownsrv_superstore

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2022-01-14 00:23:39

Tight trails are my absolute favorite 😍 A preview of a hot lap at the_shoals_mx 💪🏻 514brand the_shoals_mx amproyamaha yamahamotorusa

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2022-01-07 23:20:00

Putting in the work this off-season the_shoals_mx 💪🏻🔥 it MIGHT be cold enough to head to Florida. 514brand amproyamaha yamahamotorusa

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2022-01-05 23:13:34

It’s either a loopout or a burnout from me 🤷🏻‍♂️ Race season will be here before you know it. Y’all better be as ready as I am 🔥 514brand amproyamaha gncc_racing

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2022-01-03 23:03:54

Pro Tip: Practice without your rear brakes and your seat, kids 🔥 mikeywaynes are you ready for more interviews like this in 2022? 😜💪🏻

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2022-01-02 01:00:09

I try to go easy on the kiddos, but they’re just too soft these days 😜🤣 All jokes aside, the_shoals_mx is THE facility to be training at this winter. 🔥

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2021-12-29 17:30:34

NEW BIKE DAY, BABY! 😆✊🏻 New Season = Fresh Yamaha’s. It’s like Christmas 2.0 for me today! yamahamotorusa amproyamaha the_shoals_mx 514brand

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2021-12-28 02:29:05

People ask me all the time, “Stew, what’s your training program?” Or “Stew, how are you so fast?” Wanna know the secret? I practice my finish line loopouts daily 😜🤣 Follow for your Baylor apparel ⬇️ 514brand

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