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2022-07-06 07:15:49

It’s nearly time again! Sunday 17th July is the New Forest MTB Race, the series finale for #southernxc in 2022. Wether your recovering from the brilliant Eventrex - Sports Events and Chip Timing / TrailX UK - Ride & Run Vittoria MTB Marathon, or tuning up for British Cycling National Champs, let’s end the regional season on a high at a venue often voted favourite of the year. Online entry is open until midnight next Wednesday. So head over to www.SouthernXC.co.uk and get yours in now.

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2022-06-25 06:30:47

It’s an exciting few weeks coming up for mountain biking in the south of England. The British Cycling National Cross Country series is down at Woody’s Bike Park this weekend so good luck to any of you racing there! Next weekend our friends at Eventrex - Sports Events and Chip Timing and TrailX UK - Ride & Run are putting on the second edition of the fantastic Vittoria UK MTB Marathon! An 18km lap with option to race 1/2/3 or 4 laps at Pippingford park. ENTRIES FOR THIS CLOSE TOMORROW (Sunday 26th) so please make sure if there’s one thing you do this weekend, it’s getting yourself on the start line of this epic event. www.eventrexuk.com/mtb-marathon-2022 It’s also not long until Round 4 of SouthernXC at Gaddens Farm in the New Forest on 17th July so head over to www.SouthernXC.co.uk to get into our final race of the season. We’re going to let everyone keep their number boards at this final race so if you want a momento from your season, get yourself entered.

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2022-06-08 17:16:39

Thanks for joining us at kingsclereestates Folly Farm for Rd 3 on Sunday. We hope you all had a great time. Thanks for leaving the venue tidy, we collected very little litter during pack up this week. You can see loads of great photos from the event by using the following links, we particularly like these ones from Dave Price Photography. Dave Price Photography https://www.rootsandrain.com/event10031/2022-jun-5-southern-xc-3-folly-farm/photos/filters/photogs642/ BigMacPhotography https://www.rootsandrain.com/.../photos/filters/photogs830/ Pitchside Photo (coming soon) https://www.pitchsidephoto.co.uk/Cycling/Mountain-Bike Finally don't forget to get your entry in to the final SouthernXC of the year at Gaddens Farm in the New Forest on 17th July. www.southernxc.co.uk

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2022-06-03 13:00:38

We’re nearly ready for you at the Basingstoke MTB Race at Folly Farm on Sunday. Those of you who have pre entered will receive the race briefing via email this afternoon, but if you want to have a read of it you can now find it on our website here: https://southernxc.co.uk/the-basingstoke-mtb-race We will have entry on the day available so feel free to join us if you missed online entry. We can’t wait to see you all again and crown our British Cycling South Region champ, which means you can score double British Cycling ranking points this weekend. Don’t worry if your not a South licence holder as you can race like normal, just won’t be eligible for the regional champ title.

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2022-05-18 07:58:50

Flat out, foot out charging towards next week’s course prep at Basingstoke MTB Race ready for 5th June. Get your entries in over at www.SouthernXC.co.uk

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2022-05-15 12:27:59

Well done to all of you who raced at Gorrick - Mountain Biking Events TORQ Fitness Torq12 event yesterday. Hopefully you had a great time. We’d love to hear how you got on so comment below. We can’t wait to see you all again at #southernxc Round3 in Basingstoke in a few weeks time. Head to www.SouthernXC.co.uk to enter now.

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2022-05-09 06:42:31

Not long until we have another start line for you all. It’s only 4 weeks until the Basingstoke MTB Race at Kingsclere Estates. Head to www.SouthernXC.co.uk to make sure your on that start line.

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2022-05-02 06:37:34

It was great to see so many familiar faces at central_region_xc yesterday, you may have noticed some of the SouthernXC team hiding in the woods marshalling for the guys at CentralXC We're starting to look forward to The Basingstoke MTB Race on 5th June and seeing you all again. We can now also announce that Basingstoke will be the British Cycling South Regional Championships so will carry double BC points and extra bragging rights. Head over to www.SouthernXC.co.uk to enter.

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2022-04-15 16:23:02

If you enjoyed The Fareham MTB race don’t forget to go to www.SouthernXC.co.uk and enter The Basingstoke MTB Race on 5th June! Also check out our friends over at www.centralxc.co.uk who are racing at Checkendon on 1st May. There’s also some great photos from the Fareham race at https://www.rootsandrain.com/photos/7199256?linkset=1 and https://www.pitchsidephoto.co.uk/Cycling/Mountain-Bike/2022-SouthernXC-Fareham-MTB We can’t wait to see you all again soon.

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2022-04-05 19:49:36

The chequered flag for pre entry ahead of The Fareham MTB Race is looming with online entry closing at midnight tomorrow night! If you want to make sure you have your place on the startline at holywellestate this Sunday 10th April, be sure to visit www.southernxc.co.uk and get your entry in. #mtbracing #xcracing #southernxc #xc

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2022-04-02 11:55:40

These were riders reactions when we told them it’s only a week until Round 2 of #southernxc at The Fareham MTB Race next Sunday 10th April! Entry closes Wednesday 6th April so don’t delay and get yours in now. We can’t wait to see you all for another great Sunday of #xcracing #mtbracing Head to WWW.SOUTHERNXC.CO.UK to enter.

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2022-03-30 18:50:41

We have some links from photographers albums for you all. Mike from Immortal Imagery has his photo's over here: https://www.rootsandrain.com/event10029/2022-mar-27-southern-xc-1-matterley-estate/photos/filters/photogs3944/ Dave from bigmacphotographydh has his here: https://www.rootsandrain.com/event10029/2022-mar-27-southern-xc-1-matterley-estate/photos/filters/photogs830/ And Paul from pitchsidephoto has his here: https://www.pitchsidephoto.co.uk/Cycling/Mountain-Bike/2022-southernxc-winchester/

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