Steve Bowman MTB & CX racer for @originraceteam Dabbling in a spot of Carp fishing 🎣

2022-07-07 12:56:34

New #kicks reliving my youth with a pair of nike #airtrainer1

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2022-07-05 17:25:58

One for Paivi

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2022-07-03 19:50:15

Out in the woods with Tommy, Flyn and Jack

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2022-07-03 16:16:41

Another busy weekend of racing for Tommy & Jack, on Saturday we headed over the border to Marsh Tracs for the latest round of the welshcycling #northwales #gorace #series with Tommy taking the #win 🏆🥇🏁 in the #U10 and Jack matching his big brother in the #U8 races. On Suday we were up in Colne for the 6th round of the #northwestyouthleague Jack was first up in the #U8 #Youthe race, it was proper windy and they felt it in the start finish straight, he sat in the front group and attacked with 2 laps to go, holding in the take the win 🏆 🥇🏁 Tommy tried something different by attacking off the front and covering counters, it all cane together on the last lap and when the sprint was winding up he got shunted onto the grass and rolled home a very disappointed 7th place 😑

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2022-07-03 14:57:04

Round 6 of the North West Youth League today up in Colne for Jack & Tommy. Jack went off first in the U8 race and the strong headwind on the start finish straight was really impacting on them, he worked away and made a break on the bend into the back straight with 2 laps to go and held the lead to the take the chequered flag 🏁 and his 3rd win 🏆 🥇 of the series and second of the weekend. Tommy tried some new tactics in the U10 by attacking off the front and covering any counter attacks, ultimately it came back together before the final set of bends leading into the finish straight, unfortunately he was shunted off line and into the grass so lost contact as the sprint wound up and rolled home a rather disappointed 7th 😬

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2022-07-02 20:18:43

What the hell is that 🤦🏼‍♂️

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2022-06-28 19:33:31

Took Jack & Sammy fishing for a couple of hours in the lovely summer weather we're having and they even caught some #carp 👌🏼 #carpfishing #thatscarpy #kidscarping #mirrorcarp

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2022-06-27 11:38:14

Proper busy weekend of racing with the boys in a double header up at UCLAN. On Saturday it was the #Northwest #circuitrace #championship hosted by 360_cycling_official with jackbowman14 taking the win 🏆 🏁🥇 in the #U8 #youthe #race tommybowman7 didn't fair quite so well in the #U10 #youthd but still managed a respectable 5th position in a tight sprint finish 😎 On Sunday it was the 5th round of the #northwestyouthleague hosted by redroseolympic with Jack again taking the honours in the U8 race 🥇🏁🏆 and Tommy putting in a strong sprint in a very fast race to take 3rd 🥉 in the U10 race 😎

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2022-06-23 11:39:03

The true casualty of last night's crash, bye bye esigrips #chunky 😭

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2022-06-22 21:28:09

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2022-06-22 20:01:36

Don't use your face as a brake kids, it bloody hurts 😬

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2022-06-22 14:10:59

#manchesteroxfordroadstation #railwayphotography #railwayphotography

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