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2021-10-16 18:02:11

Sand-bottomed solitaire in the land of red, white, and green. Photo by Mark Kronemeyer (markronemeyer).

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2021-10-14 20:01:39

John Hayward, April 23, 1966. "A true unsung hero of San Diego surf lore, John Hayward was a contemporary of Frye, Hynson, Cooke, Rieman, Butch, et al," says photographer Brad Barrett. "Sightings of the PB goofyfooter are rare in recent years, but the obscure master lives on."

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2021-10-13 16:15:43

On the front of TSJ 30.5, Nathan Fletcher (nathanfletcher) takes an only-pop-matters approach to above the horizon line at Pipeline’s end. On the back, Pete Devries (petedevries) makes the last of many slow steps toward the point of entry at a remote Canadian slab, hoping he remembers where he left the backup when the tide comes in.  Inside the new issue, you’ll explore the surprising wave resources of the Dominican Republic, chase right-hand points up the East Coast of South Africa with Mikey February (mikeyfebruary), and get looks at Ron Perrott’s once-thought-lost photographs of Sydney’s burgeoning 1960s surf scene. Trace the surfing germ of French playboy and socialite Arnaud de Rosnay, and get schooled on the contributions of contemporary big-wave pioneer Andrea Moller (andreamollermaui). And for those seekingwider-breadth of the topic, check the study on the seascape paintings of nineteenth-century Swedish polymath August Strindberg, leveled by a deep dive into California surf-boat builder Jeff Hull (jeffhullfiberglass). Hit the link in bio to get your copy today. It's a range found nowhere else in surfing. Front cover photograph by Dave Nelson (nellysmagicmoments). Back cover photograph by Marcus Paladino (marcuspaladino).

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2021-10-12 16:45:24

Bryce Young (bryce__young), enjoying a moment of clarity on a Ryan Burch-shaped 5'7" asym. Photograph by Al Mackinnon (almackinnon),

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2021-10-10 16:02:15

At the end of a Mainland Mexico road, 1964. Photo by Leo Hetzel (fotohetzel).

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2021-10-08 15:30:48

Photographer Tom Carey (tomcarey) and surfer Imaikalani deVault (imaikalani_devault) found this fresh swell too north for their go-to Maui setup. Luckily, this substitute nook offered brief opportunities for single-hit slams, and was rich in mood, lighting, and background.

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2021-10-07 19:01:51

The new issue is en route to mailboxes. Hit the link in our bio to get your copy of TSJ 30.5.

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2021-10-05 16:02:29

Dillon Perillo (dillonperillo), sure-footed and ideally placed for an Indonesian horseshoe. Photo by Nate Lawrence (lawrence_photo).

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2021-10-03 15:44:52

George Greenough, putting theory into practice, 1974. “I used to have the whole sequence from this wave,” says photographer Steve Bissell. “This is the only slide that survived the fire.”

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2021-10-01 14:02:41

In TSJ 30.4's "The Jewel of the South," author Adrian Kojin (adriankojin) walks us through the history, people, and culture of Campeche, Brazil. On its day, the sand-bottom right point produces reeling growers that run for over 500 yards. ⁠ ⁠ "The wave tends to gain in size as it goes, running along an angle from the coast, until it gets to the final section. There, the wall aligns itself parallel to the beach and dumps its full force into a barrel over nearly dry sand. That fast, extremely hollow portion produces some of the best tubes on the entire Brazilian coastline."⁠ ⁠ Hit the link in our bio to read the feature in full. Photo by Christian Herzog (christianherzog76).

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2021-09-30 19:02:16

A.J. Feducia (ajfeducia), sliding into the Waikiki nightlife. Photo by John Hook (john_hook).

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2021-09-29 21:01:48

TSJ 30.4's "Jam Econo" features the work of San Pedro-based photographer Nick Green (nickgrreen), who is equally on the hunt for beach culture peripheries as he is for surf action. As guest editor of TSJ's monthly newsletter, Green drops recs ranging from gospel licks to early aughts surf films, modern lit staples to a beachside dystopia photo essay, and more. ⁠ ⁠ Hit the link in our bio to make sure September's edition of "The High Line" lands in your inbox tomorrow.

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