The South West XC MTB Series South West XC MTB Series racing events

2022-05-26 16:32:38

We have some spaces on two coaching days at Woody's bike park with Jay Williamson, ahead of the up coming races. If you are thinking of entering, these would be great sessions to hone your skills and build confidence. Jay is an elite downhiller and excellent coach. Sessions are Thursday 2nd and Saturday 4th June, £60 per rider. If you are interested, please message us and we’ll try and get you booked on. #xcmtb #britishcyclingmtbxc #xc #woodysbikepark #xcracing

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2022-01-24 20:34:36

At last!! Here's the dates for the 2022 series: 27th March - Grammarcombe 22nd May - Grammarcombe 19th June - Woody's Bike Park 17th July - Exeter Bike Park There's potentially another round in August or September and we'll confirm this shortly. We've kept April free to avoid clashes (two Nationals, Haldon Heroic, Devon Dirt).

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