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2019-09-15 08:10:25

The Bower Cottage - renovated to keep a part of Byron History alive , kept some of the old world charm and added all the luxuries one would expect for a luxurious Byron Bay getaway . . . . #thebowercottage #byronbeachabodes #boutiquehotelbyronbay ✨Gorgeous basket from @thedharmadoor ✨

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2019-09-14 01:25:57

Feels like summer today ! Best place to be in Byron is poolside right here , right now .

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2019-09-12 00:07:13

Inspired by our time in New York a few years ago , The black awning and elegant timeless design taking us back to when we stayed at the @boweryhotel . Almost all of our designs are inspired either by our travels or nature . That’s why I call every trip a “work” trip 😘 Looking forward to adding our new entrance gates and covered pedestrian walk way to create a little more privacy from the road . This will be done early next year . We had planned to build this now during our renovations but realised we have to close the hotel for ten days to do so , so next year it is then . So many new additions and improvements coming soon . Endless creations ~ never a dull moment in the life of The Bower x #thebowerbyronbay #byronbeachabodes #boutiquehotelbyronbay

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2019-09-10 21:43:01

Timeless , relaxed , luxurious and comfortable is one of the descriptions that comes to mind when describing our humble boutique hotel . . . . #thebowerbyronbay #boutiquehotelbyronbay #thebowersuites #byronbeachabodes

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2019-09-08 22:13:31

We are loving having our new mini bar/ poolside drinks menu on offer . We will constantly be upgrading and changing as we find those extra special offerings .. what are your MUST haves in a mini bar ? Open to all suggestions. . . #thebowerbyronbay #thebowerbarn #byronbeachabodes #minibar

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2019-09-06 21:16:06

One of 16 suites each individually styled by our talented friends @inside_story_ . . . . #thebowerbyronbay #boutiquehotelbyronbay

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2019-09-04 08:26:46

Sneaky day off school testing out the pool temperature with our youngest boy Reef - post whale watching . Pretending we are away on holidays but in our own beautiful town . #thebowerbyronbay #byronbeachabodes #boutiquehotelbyronbay #staycation

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2019-09-03 11:03:04

Never gets boring ....

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2019-09-02 08:45:40

A little glimpse of our new studios behind the pool . These will be very private , have luxurious four poster king beds , apaiser bathtubs, private courtyards with all the little extras that make it one of a kind ... can’t wait to share the results of our passion soon . . . @greglyonconstructions @johnburgessarchitect

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2019-08-30 23:58:14

Indoor/outdoor living at Bower Cottage. The most perfect Byron getaway for up to 10 guests.

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2019-08-29 08:11:38

When functionality is an art form . These beauties are waiting patiently to be placed bedside in one of our new Bower Studios . From our good friends at @islandluxeofficial #thebowerbyronbay #alwaysevolving #newaccommodation #byronbeachabodes #luxuryaccommodationbyronbay

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2019-08-28 08:48:58

When only the best will do for our guests ... thanks to @lelabofragrances @kevinmurphyhair

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