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2021-12-04 03:39:44

Jump testing and practice today for the championship round of nitrorallycross in Florida. Track is very different from anything we’ve had on the season so far. Awesome to have chaseelliott9 flying cars with us this weekend! scott_speed was fastest on the day. Going to be a wild race. Don’t miss it live on peacocktv .. coverage for qualifying starts 2pm eastern Saturday and for the final 2pm on Sunday.. subarumotorsportsusa yokohamatire kmcwheels racethefirm nitrocircus redbullmotorsports

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2021-12-03 05:25:34

🍾 PUMPED on perfection. travispastrana, your first place #NitroRX series leader going into final round this weekend! Here’s one pristine Glen Helen performance from last round’s California stop. Stay tuned Dec 4 📍for final round in Florida w/  nitrorallycross #GoNitro #rally #redbull #redbullmotorsports

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2021-11-29 23:30:21

Any day I win a dollar from crtwotwo is a good day 👍😂 Huge thanks to matt_crafton and #PaulMenard for all the coaching / pavement help and mc_driver for letting me borrow your shifter kart (I only took it through the grass backward once today) Bring on nitrorallycross #pavement #championship #allcomesdowntothis #oneroundtogo subarumotorsportsusa redbullmotorsports yokohamatire offaxispaint greg_oap

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2021-11-25 22:45:10

Happy Thanksgiving. Family tradition for us to start turkey day with “donuts” 👍 canamoffroad subarumotorsportsusa yokohamatire kmcwheels kmcutv #redbullfamily #teamyokohama #family nitrorednekhubert lynzskate

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2021-11-24 18:52:17

chaseelliott9 has been dominant on nascar road courses and will be racing nitrorallycross on our only (mostly) road course. If he can figure out how to fly the two big jumps and the rally style joker lane through the woods 🤯 Chase will be tough to beat! Either way, it’s going to be fun to watch! ziprecruiter #gonitro vermont.sportscar nitrorallycross nitrocircus alpinestars

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2021-11-23 23:16:39

chaseelliott9 has been talking about flying cars and having some fun with us in nitrorallycross for years and I’m thrilled it finally came together. ziprecruiter recruiting has been on point this year. #gonitro Also, Chase, racethefirm connects to an airport so bring your plane and I’ll bring my parachute.. #dealisadeal

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2021-11-23 20:21:37

where we droppin boys? 👀

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2021-11-23 00:51:16

scott_speed vs erikssonkev battles never disappoint! glenhelenraceway is the least technical track in the nitrorallycross championship but I felt that provided some great racing. Which has been your favorite NitroRX layout so far? Who’s excited for the final round which is almost 50% paved? Huge shout out to the amazing progression all the track crew have made with dust control and drivability from the start of the season in Utah.. You guys are absolute legends and I know it will only get better from here! jeffnordstrom chad.roz track_solutions andyriess slashrath nitrorednekhubert logangomez Dirt Build- Jeff Nordstrom Hubert Rowland Chad Rozanek Flavio Benitez Richard Kutbach Andrew Erath Trevor Piranha Track and Truss-Logan Gomez Andy Riess Ryan Serlinski Shannon Cogan Dave Cunningham Joshua Roche powerplususa redbullmotorsports ziprecruiter yokohamatire subarumotorsportsusa kmcwheels

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2021-11-22 17:44:15

Huge win for myself and subarumotorsportsusa We’ve always been the underdogs but Subaru never gave up on me and never stopped supporting Rally. vermont.sportscar has been a true “blue” supporter of all things rally since before I had a drivers license. They give back to the sport every chance they get. It is an honor to be a part of such a passionate team who have always stayed positive and had fun through all the ups and downs. This weekend proved the tides have turned.. Subaru is the team to beat and Im the driver leading the way. Having said that, without scott_speed ‘s knowledge and hard work to get our cars to that point.. and his help mentoring me like davidhiggins75 did in rally.. I would have never been in this position. matt_crafton , what are you doing over thanksgiving because I have 10 days to learn how to drive pavement before the final round and I don’t think Scott’s going to help me this week 😂 Also, great having andreasbakkerud on the team this weekend, unfortunately for Andreas, myself, and the fans, we both left glenhelenraceway believing we were the quickest driver on the track. He had me in the heat race and I believe our battle in the final would have been all time. #nextyearitsonlikedonkeykong subaru_usa nitrorallycross kmcwheels yokohamatire nitrocircus redbullmotorsports motul alpinestars redbull #teamyokohama #redbullfamily

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2021-11-21 05:19:00

Great battles today in the head to head qualifying rounds. Lost in the final to kevinhansen71 but 2nd today still puts me pole for my heat race tomorrow. Plus I made up 2 points on the championship leader timmy_hansen .. it was a wild start and battle with frasermcconnell .. great race with olivereriksson16 but Kevin took down both of my teammates and arpin00 in route to the finals where I made an aggressive pass attempt on the final lap but fortunately for both of us, Kevin and his spotter were able to see it coming and countered it flawlessly. Ive truly learned a lot about racing because of the Hansen’s this year and I’ve enjoyed every second of it. I also leaned that my commentary is live on peacock which I was unaware before watching this 😂 subarumotorsportsusa yokohamatire kmcwheels alpinestars motul street_bike_tommy sheenyfmx andreasbakkerud scott_speed nitrorallycross nitrocircus

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2021-11-20 04:45:19

Jump practice recap from scott_speed andreasbakkerud and myself. I’m always the test jumper and landed nose heavy on the first attempt but Hubert fixed the take off and everyone else was able to send it smooth after that! subarumotorsportsusa nitrorallycross kmcwheels yokohamatire pit_viper

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2021-11-20 04:34:56

Jump testing went well. Every car made it over the 100 foot gap jump without any issues 👍 the nitrorallycross drivers are learning how to fly.. glenhelenraceway is going to provide some of the closest racing of the season. Tune in to peacocktv Saturday and Sunday at 3pm eastern (noon on the west coast) for all the action! Or if you live in the Southern California area, gates open at 10am Saturday and 11am Sunday.. come on out! subarumotorsportsusa yokohamatire redbullmotorsports scott_speed andreasbakkerud powerplususa ziprecruiter oreillyautoparts kmcwheels

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