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2019-07-17 18:59:45

I tried waxing my upper lip the day before I left for Switzerland and it didn’t go to plan... (permanent red tash outchea). Use your props wisely girls.

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2019-07-16 17:29:42

Too happs that swimsuits are back in style. Sucking in my beer gut for dear life for the past few years has been proper exhausting 🥵

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2019-07-10 18:01:02

Wore a crop top to breakfast and immediately regretted it 😭 Best BELIEVE the jeans button came undone after the 3rd round of pancakes!! When you’re paying an arm, leg and a tit to stay 2 nights at a hotel like this, you gotta rinse the free breakfast!? 🤷🏼‍♀️

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2019-07-09 18:02:48

Ok so I KNOW Hotel Villa Honegg has become somewhat of an Instagram sensation. But you know that I always come throughhhhh with the juicy info and always try and find a more unique perspective even on these hugely popular boutique hotels - so feast your eyes on this stunning scenery and laugh at how stumpy my walk is 😭😂

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2019-07-07 17:40:24

I can’t think of a caption. I’m currently nursing a severe hangover so I’ll just let this picture and place speaks for itself 😍

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2019-06-25 18:44:48

Would you like your eggs with a side of 33,000 books? I mean personally I’d prefer a copy of the latest Ok! mag but this will do I guess... ————————————————————————So while I was in Zurich I visited @b2_boutique_hotel and had breakfast at their INSANE wine library. Oh my fuck, I don’t think I’ve ever been more concerned about my surroundings over my food?? There’s a first time for everything 👀 Aside from the spectacular collection of books, this hotel won me over at ‘this is a buffet breakfast’ 🐷🙌🏽. Food was on point!! A good range of cheeses, cured meat, baked goods and juices. I rate how all the produce is sourced in Zurich where possible - it just made the whole experience all the more authentic! Fab atmosphere, the friendliest staff, and beyond photogenic 👏🏽

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2019-06-23 16:42:51

What if I told you this isn’t a library, but a hotel’s restaurant/ wine bar 😱 Enjoyed eating my scrambled eggs on toast amongst 33,000 books at B2 Boutique Hotel 📚

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2019-06-16 17:04:43

Up front disclaimer! This is not a hotel. But the amazing and talented woman who designed this bathroom has got a set of equally incredible cottages set in the Peak District, UK. Haddon Grove (@haddon_grove) - check em out if you want some luxury in the countryside 🐑

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2019-06-13 18:52:51

When nursing a very permanent beer gut, you’ve gotta use your other resources wisely... my tip is to wedge your bikini up your ass and do a painfully unnatural strut into the sunset 🙃 Positano I’m missing you dearly like some needy ex girlfriend. Where is everyone going this summer? Make me jealous in the comments... 👇🏽

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2019-06-12 17:42:57

This summer’s afternoon ritual involves; drowning myself in rosé in the golden light, with the sounds of the ocean breeze in the distance, and the faint cry of my liver screaming ‘please no more’. I was a poet in my past life...

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2019-06-10 18:20:50

Just spent the past hour trying to come up with a caption a bit more ground breaking than ‘la dolce vita’ and the best I’ve got is bellisima... Bellisima innit!!! 💙💙💙

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2019-06-09 17:14:32

No I am not in Positano. I’m currently at my desk, eating stale crisps, with holes in my tights, counting how many new tummy rolls I have... (and I wonder why my male follower percentage drops every week). Tragic. Or as the French would say: Tragique. So while I continue to sort out my finances til I can afford going back, here’s another throw back from the most magical pool I’ve ever seen! Thank you so much @samcunningam @aldoser @francescosersale for showing me the most stunning parts of Positano! 🙏🏽

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