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2019-10-20 16:23:30

Curation at its finest

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2019-10-06 16:20:30

When you have a face as round as mine it’s hard to suit many if ANY hats 😭 but the search is OVER (even the cat is intimidated by how well put together I look……) The Panama hat by @luisa_kelsey is my go to hat for travelling. Perfect for the beach or sundowners and completes every outfit. As you know from my hotel choices, I only have time for businesses that are unique and boutique - and accessories are no exception! All Luisa Kelsey Panama hats are hand woven in Ecuador but hand finished in the UK (support your locals!). Check out her classic and timeless dresses to suit all of your holiday needs 🙌🏽

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2019-10-01 17:01:15

The only thing hardcore about my time in Ibiza were my naps and appetite. But when your room looks like this it’s hard to peel yourself away from the bedroom 😍 There are 11 rooms at Finca Legado, all of which are unique in their design, interiors and layout. Think custom-made bed frames, vintage pieces and electric wall prints - in other words; a big dose of personality!

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2019-09-29 14:18:44

My sundays either involve; nursing an intense hangover, and/or filling my stomach to absolute capacity. Luckily today is about the latter 🙃 Let’s talk FOOD. At Legado, breakfast is a very social affair. Guests dine closely together by the pool, and the two owners Andreas and Andreas go from table to table sharing stories like it’s a dinner party. The continental breakie is complimentary here, and is the only meal served at the hotel for now. Throughout the day guests can order from the poolside bar which, oh my lawwwwwd, was one of the HIGHLIGHTS of my stay. I really cannot even put into words how delicious the food is here... So fucking good that I was ordering seconds from the first bite 😭 And to top it all off these dishes are organic and locally sourced 👏🏽

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2019-09-15 17:52:29

Welcome to Legado Finca Hotel - my new favorite Ibizan hideaway! In a nutshell; this hotel is perfect for those wanting a more relaxed holiday in Ibiza. What was once a basic family hotel has been stylishly converted into a boutique property with all the charm and personality you could ask for. It’s the perfect place to soak in some sun and the stunning surroundings of a beautifully designed bed and breakfast. The attention to detail is like no fucking other - every corner is a work of art. And the best part? The charismatic hosts Andreas and Andreas (yes that’s not a mistake - 2 Andreas’). Staying at Legado ended up feeling like I was visiting 2 of my oldest mates rather than a boutique hotel. Can’t wait to share all the incredible photos from this gem 💎

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2019-08-20 17:04:36

No this is obviously not me. My friends thighs are the size of my bloody fore arms for gods sake 😭 Bless her she was so peaceful enjoying her post-bath nap and there I was rudely interrupting by straddling over her trying to get the perfect shot 😂 worth it though no?!

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2019-08-19 19:15:19

Buckle up for some very questionable decisions because I’M IN IBIZA! So excited to be back in one of my favourite islands but even more so to be staying at a hotel that’s been on my list for tiiiiime. Hacienda Na Xamena is unlike anything else you’ll experience in Ibiza. I’m a sucker for a hotel with a good story, so when I read that this was Ibiza’s first ever 5 star hotel, and has been run by the same family over 3 generations for the last 4 decades - I knew it would be special. And boyyyyy WAS IT. Located high up on the north west of the island, Hacienda feels a world away from the craziness of Ibiza Town, and is surrounded by pine forests with stunning ocean views that can be seen from ALL parts of the property. V.beautiful. V.peaceful. Let’s chat later huns.

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2019-08-14 19:08:30

I may be a painfully unnatural poser, but what I lack in candid ability, I make up for in my incredible hotel picking talent 🥰

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2019-08-13 18:26:43

Instagram it’s been a while! I’m not gonna bore you here with the details as to why I’ve gone missing recently (but if you need a break from stalking your ex’s insta for the 7th time today or could kill a few mins while on the toilet then head over to my stories to find out!) …but just know that I’M BACK. ———————————————————————— ANYWAY let’s talk about Hotel Villa Honegg. When finally visiting this famous hotel, I realised that every single shot I had ever seen of it from social media was taken from that god damn pool. I mean who wouldn’t? It is easily one of THE BEST pools in the world (BIG statement there). But you know I’m here to show you guys ALL aspects of the hotels I feature, and I love finding unique perspectives! So my Mum and I, (no wait - let me rephrase: I forced my poor 60 year old mother) to hike up a steep hill to capture a different aspect of this iconic hotel. And WOW WOW WOW, it did not disappoint. At over 3000 feet altitude, surrounded by peaceful meadows, overlooking Lake Lucerne below, I swear I’ve never been so speechless. And it takes a lot for me to shut the fuck up. Hotel Villa Honegg you are the dream 🤩

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2019-07-22 17:02:09

Legit not breathing in this pic. I was SHOOKETH and quivering like an autumn leaf in the wind standing on this edge. Enjoy x

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2019-07-17 18:59:45

I tried waxing my upper lip the day before I left for Switzerland and it didn’t go to plan... (permanent red tash outchea). Use your props wisely girls.

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2019-07-16 17:29:42

Too happs that swimsuits are back in style. Sucking in my beer gut for dear life for the past few years has been proper exhausting 🥵

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